New Vape flavours from Totally wicked e-liquid

 totally wicked

As Many of our Cambridge customers will know last year we took the bold step to change our Cambridge shop to a Totally Wicked branch of our vaping liquid family.

We are immensely pleased with how the whole shop refit went and the feedback from the customers has been very positive but one thing has stood out for us and that is the constant asks from customers about when there might be new e liquids available.

Totally Wicked have listened to what all our customers and customers from their other franchises have been asking for and now they have 3 great new e juice ranges for sale.

These liquids are made in the UK at their new purpose-built production centre in Blackburn.

This new factory was built off site, to minimise disruption to the surrounding neighbourhood and took around 4 months to construct and consists of a ground floor state of the art e liquid production centre with brand new high tech equipment, a test room and incorporated mixing room, and a bottling plant with cold room to keep each and every bottle made in the best possible condition.

It has been finished in the trade mark Totally Wicked colours of Red and Black and as well as including the new manufacturing plant which is the very first to be built in the UK and can produce 10 million bottles of e liquid every year and also houses their new office space.

What does this mean for all our Cambridge customers when they come to visit us at our Totally Wicked shop?

We can now offer you the standard Red Label Totally Wicked e juice, which is a 50/50 pg/vg blend available in a huge range of 48 different flavours and in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 10mg, 14mg and 18mg strengths. A lovely smooth vape which is great for everyday vaping and works well in any device.

Red Label Totally Wicked Iced Range which is also a 50/50 pg/vg blend available in 6 flavours and 6 strengths. This e liquid gives you a fresh iced vaping experience.

Finally, in the Red Label family we offer the Retro Range which is again a 50/50 pg/vg blend and comes in 8 fruity flavours and again in 6 strengths. These e juices will not disappoint as they give a perfectly balanced all day vape. You will be reminded of 70 sweets with all the flavours available in this range.

If that is not enough choice we also stock the Totally Wicked Diavlo range of e juice. This juice is a 75/25 vg/pg mix and is available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 10mg. Great for cloud chasing and provides a fabulously velvety thick vapour cloud.

Then we come to one of the new kids on the block, Mr Chadwicks E liquid.

Mr Chadwick’s E Liquid. This retro e juice has been made using the very best ingredients to provide its vapers with a 50/50 VG/PG ratio e liquid that has the perfect balance between throat hit and vapour. It is designed to be able to be used with both standard and sub ohm device.

Mr Chadwick’s juices come in 6 great retro flavours and all flavours come in 0.6, 1.0, 1.6 % mg, that are bound to take you back to your childhood.

Mr Chadwicks E Liquid is available in our Cambridge shop and on our website.


Cheeky Monkey E Juice. This cheeky little number is a little naughty. Providing its vapers with a 25/75 PG/VG ratio and great for vapers who love to cloud chase. It gives a very smooth vape with a wonderful thickness in the mouth feeling. This liquid will work best in a sub ohm vaping device due to the thicker nature of the e liquid.

Cheeky Monkey E liquid comes in 6 cheeky flavours and all flavours come in 0.0, 0.3, and 0.6% mg. Once vaped they are bound to make you feel a little naughty!

Cheeky Monkey e juice is available in our Cambridge shop.


Finally, the last of our new flavours to be stocked in Cambridge is Route 66.

Routte 66 E juice. This e liquid is manufactured in the UK but has been made with the states in mind. Coming in a 40/60 pg/vg ratio this liquid works for standard vapers and is good if you want to try cloud chasing for the first time.

Totally Wicked provide this e juice in 3 nicotine strengths 0mg, 3mg and 6mg. Vape some amazing American Dinner desert flavours.

We look forward to helping you choose some great new vape flavours when you pop in and say hello!

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Tobacco products directive narrows choice for smokers

Vaping News 5th June 2017


After all the changes that recently took place and have been required by the TPD it is great to see that Vaping is here to stay and although we campaigned from the offset to get the TPD stopped due to its strict Vaping rules, it could in fact be saving our NHS Millions of pounds because traditional cigarettes were also highly affected by the TPD ruling.

Traditional smokers found that after midnight on the 19th May 2017 there was many restrictions on their smokes that were also covered by the TPD’s new rules and regulations.

Smokers found that they couldn’t pop into their local shop to purchase their usual 10 packs of cheaper brands of cigarettes and the smaller 30mg pouches of rolling tobacco as they had been banned and removed from sale. Flavoured cigarettes including spiced, herb, vanilla and fruit varieties had also been removed from sale and the traditional smokers who are still currently smoking menthol flavoured cigarettes will have to start thinking about how else they will get their nicotine hit as menthol is also in line for the chop and is to be phased out under the TPD rulings.

The TPD also required the packaging on cigarettes to be made much plainer and carry many health warnings and have increased the price of a packet of 20 cigarettes. Perhaps this will give the current smokers the push they need to try vaping or quit smoking?

Many of the top health officials from Cancer Research UK, Public Health England, and UK Health Forum all agree that many thousands of pounds can be saved by the NHS now that traditional smoking is on the decline.

Half a million people gave up smoking in the UK in 2015 and the UK Health Forum research suggests that “If smoking rates dropped to five per cent in the UK by 2035, the NHS could save £67million” every year.

UK Health Forum chief executive, Professor Paul Lincoln said: “This study highlights the huge burden that smoking places on our society, particularly on the poorest and least advantaged groups. Unless we reduce the demand on the NHS from preventable causes of disease like smoking, it will be difficult to continue to provide sustainable healthcare for everyone who needs it. We hope that by showing the clear benefits of this tobacco free ambition, we can inform tobacco control policy in the UK and even worldwide.”

Cancer Research UK’s director of cancer prevention, Alison Cox said: “Bold and ambitious targets are needed to save the thousands of lives and millions of pounds of NHS money lost to tobacco. We want the next Government to share our ambition for the next generation of children to grow up ‘tobacco-free’.”

The health benefits to our countries people will also be huge as it is estimated that 100,000 new cases of smoking-related disease including 35,900 cancers over 20 years could be avoided completely.


Website Update!

We have survived the TPD and all the admin and changes that it required and we hope that you will take a look through our website to see some of the new products we now have in stock!

Vape Monster e juices have been added recently to our website and come in some great flavours including Purple Banshee and Warlock. Click here:  They are designed to be used while sub ohming and great if you fancy cloud chasing!

We have new TPD compliant sub ohm cloud chasing vape tanks made by UD. These are totally leak resistant and have a great coil life. Click here:

They work superbly with our Arc 4 range of vape box mods.

Our Hangsen boxes of 10x10ml bottles are going great guns and we are really pleased that our customers are happy to have the same e juice available to them post TPD.

Please do watch this space as we will continue to add different products over time and thank all our current customers for their support of

Happy Vaping Guys!

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Vaping TPD discount sale

vape sale





Current Vaping News is dominated by the impending Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) on the 20th May 2017 and what it means for vapers in the UK.

We wrote a blog in January on what the vaping changes will means for you, our customers, which can be viewed here:

This week’s blog post is dedicated to telling you what will be happening here at over the next 2 weeks….

Clearance Sale of our 10ml bottles.

Many of you have been purchasing our 10ml bottles of e liquid that went on sale a few weeks ago at £0.99p and we would like to thank you for this. There are still many flavours and strengths available of these e liquids that will stay for sale until 18/19th May 2017. They will then be discontinued products as we will not be allowed to sell them from 20th May 2017.

Sales of our 30ml Original Liquid

Many of you that have ordered our 30ml e liquid bottles in the past will have seen that we have already started the change over to the new box of 10 x 10ml bottles that are all fully TPD compliant.

These boxes of e juice are made with exactly the same e liquid that was in our 30ml bottles, so it’s just the packaging that has changed. We have managed to get a UK supplier of this e liquid so we can order smaller quantities more frequently. This will ensure that all e liquids stay well within their BBE dates and if we do sell out of any product then it is only a wait of 24/48 hours before we have new stock available for sale.

There will be new e juice flavours being added and rotated on the website. New flavours that sell well will stay as we know how you all love to stick to a preferred taste.


There are still some flavours and strengths available in our 30ml bottles that will stay on the website until 18/19th May 2017. They will then be discontinued products as we will not be allowed to sell 30ml bottles from 20th May 2017.

Clearance Sales of Witchcraft 20ml e juice.

This sale has gone very well and we only have a very few bottles of this e juice left, please do note that they are very close to their BBE date now, this is one of the reasons why they are only £3.49

Mini curve in silver and blue

The TPD regulations require a specific form of packaging where 2/3rds of the box must contain warnings and other information. We have a few Mini Curve 20w that have non TPD compliant packaging and so we have put these on sale at only £19.99.

Arc 3 kits and batteries of iStick 30w

Just like the Mini Curve 20w our Eleaf iStick 40w (curve 2/Arc 3) box mod and Eleaf iStick 30w sub ohm vaping box mod batteries, the packaging requires that 2/3rds of the box must contain warnings and other information. We have a few of these products still for sale that have the old-style packaging and so we have put these on offer. Our Arc 3 kits are now at £29.99 and our Eleaf iStick 30w sub ohm vaping box mod batteries are for sale at £24.99.


Finally, there is lots of back stage admin being completed on the website that won’t be obvious to our customers until the day of the TPD but we are very much looking forward to being able to add some great new products so we will still provide a varied array of liquids and hardware for you to choose from when browsing our website at

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Does vaping effect your DNA

vape dna













Many test and studies have been carried out on Vaping products by public health bodies or tobacco companies ever since they were invented and many of these have proved that Vaping is by far the ’less harmful’ alternative to smoking a regular cigarette.

Tests measuring the build-up of deposits inside the lungs of smokers versus vapers or the ground-breaking review undertaken by Public Health England in 2015 concluding that electronic cigarettes are 95% less harmful than normal cigarettes prove that vaping can be classed as a healthier way to gain your nicotine hit.

Now a new study undertaken by British American Tobacco, who recently landed a $50 billion deal to merge with Reynolds an American tobacco company, forming the world’s largest tobacco company to date, have just published finding showing that Vaping is not as damaging to your genes compared to smoking tobacco products.

This new studies results show that your DNA is not as affected by the vapour you inhale from an electronic cigarette when compared to that of the smoke you inhale when taking a drag from a cigarette.

British American Tobacco’s team of scientists used their Vype device in the experiments they carried out and compared the changes in DNA of a vaper to that of a smoker.

When DNA is subjected to harmful products like smoke or alcohol then the DNA of an individual can change over time and potentially life damaging changes can take place causing fatal diseases such as heart disease or cancers to form.

A 3D model of the human airway was used by British American scientists in their latest test, tissues where exposed to both the cigarette smoke and the vapours of an electronic cigarette for 1 hour in each test.

One dose of vapour was tested which matched that of the nicotine levels in a cigarette, the second dose of vapour contained double the nicotine levels and reached cells in the airway.

Genes where mapped to see which genes were switched on and off at 24 and 48 hour periods.

After 24 and 48 hours of exposure to cigarette smoke the researchers found that 873 and 205 genes where affected but there were significantly fewer genes affected in the same period of time with just three and one genes seeming to be affected when exposed to electronic cigarette vapour of either strength.

Cigarette smoke caused changes to genes involved in the development of lung inflammations, cancers and fibrosis compared to the Vapours in the Vype device with its minor changes to genes involved in cell metabolism and oxidative stress processes.

Oxidative stress has been linked to the onset of Alzheimer’s and the aging process but the levels of changes recorded in this test where classed as ‘minor changes’ to genes and therefore significantly reduces the health implications that vaping would have on an individual compared to smoking.

British American Tobacco’s head of reduced risk substantiation, Dr James Murphy said, “Our results clearly show that cigarette smoke has an adverse effect on cells, triggering a robust gene expression response.

“However, even at equivalent or higher dose of nicotine, acute exposure to the test e-cigarette vapour has very limited impact on gene expression compared to cigarette smoke exposure – it’s a striking difference.”

These new study findings will be added to the growing body of evidence that is in favour of vaping with its health benefits outweighing any negatives when compared to cigarettes and the affects they have on an individual.

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Vaping statistics UK just how many people vape ?

vape stats









Here in the UK we can report that over the last 5 year there has been a significant decline in the number of smokers and the number of cigarettes smoked daily has also hit a new low.

This can be linked to the popularity of electronic cigarettes as they are used as a tool to help smokers quit the habit.

The Office for National Statistics, latest data shows that 17.2% of adults in the UK smoked in 2015, down from 20.1% in 2010. This information is boosted by the fact that more than 1 million people say they are now using an electronic cigarette to keep them smoke free, with smoking records that first started in 1974 confirming this new data.

Scotland leads the UK with the highest smoking levels recorded at 19.1%, Northern Ireland follows with 19%, Wales stats show they reach 18.1% and England trails with only 16.9% of people now smoking. The results show that within Local Authorities Blackpool has the heavier smoking adults who clock up 25.3% of smoking adults and who smoke the most number of cigarettes per day.

The Office of National statistics data also revealed many more facts that compare the number of smokers to vapers. The age of the people who vape the most is between 35 to 49 and the age at which they smoke the most is 25 to 34.

Their data shows that we have 2.3 million vapers across England, Scotland, and Wales, which equates to about 4% of the population. Half of these people agreed they were using vaping as an aid to quit cigarettes, a further percentage said they were using a vape device as they believed they were less harmful than smoking and another small percentage group said they were vaping because it was cheaper than purchasing cigarettes.

All this positive data will only help the cause for electronic cigarettes to be shown as better than smoking for you and as a positive health benefit if you are comparing vaping to cigarettes.

Vaping bans in the USA

Vaping news continues to be one of highs and lows for electronic cigarettes this month with states in the USA continuing to ban the use of vaping devises while news in the UK is showing we now have an all-time low on smoking due to the increased use of electronic cigarettes.

The latest state to give a vape ban is Pittsburgh.  Allegheny County council voted on Tuesday night by an 8-5 in favour majority to make vaping illegal in its restaurants and public places, the same as smoking. The ban includes handheld vaporizers and e-cigs.

Many US states have now banned the use of all vaping devices, expanding on the USA’s smoking ban which also includes tobacco products. Many states now have a ban to include all enclosed workplaces, including bars and restaurants.

Some go further to include hotels/motels, and within 20 feet (6.1 m) of entrances and exits and private clubs. Some parks and public areas have also been added to the vape bans.

We have included a link to show all the information you may need in regards to vaping while away in the states so you don’t get caught out.

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Vaping juice far safer than smoking tobacco

 safe vape juice





A land mark study carried out by the University College London and funded by Cancer Research UK has found Vaping to be ‘far safer than smoking’

The study undertaken by 181 smokers or ex-smokers looked at the changes that took place to each individual after they switched to vaping. Measurements of various toxins and cancer causing carcinogens where recorded after the volunteers started vaping and stopped smoking tobacco products.

Once completed the study’s conclusion was that vaping is far safer than smoking.

This is one of the first studies to be undertaken outside of a laboratory so the results are much more accurate in terms of what happens in the ‘real world’.

Alison Cox, director of cancer prevention at Cancer Research UK, said: "Around a third of tobacco caused deaths are due to cancer, so we want to see many more of the UK's 10 million smokers break their addiction.

"This study adds to growing evidence that e-cigarettes are a much safer alternative to tobacco, and suggests the long-term effects of these products will be minimal.

"Understanding and communicating the benefits of nicotine replacements, such as e-cigarettes, is an important step towards reducing the number of tobacco-related deaths here in the UK."

Each of the 181 volunteers undertook a detailed questionnaire and gave saliva, breath, and urine samples. The results showed significantly lower levels of cancer-causing substances and toxic chemicals in the samples of the volunteers who had already been using electronic cigarettes or nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)

An un expected result showed that for the people in the study called ‘combined users’ who had been trying to give up smoking by using both traditional cigarettes and a vaping device their toxic and carcinogen levels remained very high, and like that of a full smoker.

One of the researchers Robert West said E-cigarettes are likely to be beneficial only if complete cessation of combustible cigarette smoking is achieved. Thus, dual users should be encouraged to cease using combustible products to reduce long-term health risks.”

The test which took 6 months to complete aimed to assess the various effects on long term vaping or the use of NRT It compared

  • current smokers of cigarettes only
  • former smokers using e-cigarettes-only or NRT-only
  • combination smokers – cigarette smokers also using an e-cigarette or NRT

Overall the results are very positive in the favour of vaping. They conclude that former smokers who have now switched to vaping have significantly lower levels, in fact 97% lower levels of cancer causing chemical NNAL than that of smokers.

University College London’s lead author, Dr Lion Shahab said: “Our study adds to existing evidence showing that e-cigarettes and nicotine replacement therapy are far safer than smoking and suggests that there is a very low risk associated with their long-term use. We’ve shown that the levels of toxic chemicals in the body from e-cigarettes are considerably lower than suggested in previous studies using simulated experiments.”

Dr Lion also added: “This means some doubts about the safety of e-cigarettes may be wrong. Our results also suggest that while e-cigarettes are not only safer the amount of nicotine they provide is not noticeably different to conventional cigarettes. This can help people to stop smoking altogether by dealing with their cravings in a safer way.”

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Heat sticks to compete with vape devices

Heat sticks vs Vaping

vaping device

As the vape industry gets to grips with the changes the imminent Tobacco Products Directive will cause when it comes into force of 20th May of this year there are also other big electronic cigarette news stories coming out daily which may affect the way in which we vape in years to come.

British American Tobacco create second biggest tobacco company with $50 billion takeover.

Firstly, British American Tobacco has just landed a $50 billion deal to merge with Reynolds an American tobacco company, forming the world’s largest tobacco company to date.

British American Tobacco has over 200 brands including, Dunhill, Rothmans, Lucky Strike, Benson and Hedges and Kent which will now play alongside Reynolds big brands which include Newport, Camel and Pall Mall.

Reynolds successfully took over Lorillard in a $25 billion dollar deal last year. The combined company after being forced to sell off a number of brands was then purchased by Britain’s Imperial Tobacco for $7.1 billion.

The BAT press office has tweeted that it’s merger will serve to strengthen their power in the tobacco world and create a stronger global tobacco and next generation products business. Their combined company will benefit from strong growth dynamics and a leading presence in key markets.

It will make them the second largest Tobacco Company the first being China National Tobacco Co.

Their combined size and new found force in the electronic cigarette and vape market will no doubt have a huge impact on the vape industry and allow for expansion. Reynolds already has Vuse which is an already popular e cig vape brand.

So after 300 years of the Tobacco industry thinking that smoking would never change what we could now see from the big Tobacco companies is a new wave of realisation that Vaping is here to stay with new devices being offered to the comsumer.

New product could give us a third way to get our nicotine hit!

From the company that has for year produced Marlboro cigarettes we have a new kid on the block.

The new iQOS is somewhere between smoking and vape and could provide a third way of getting that nicotine hit.

Philip Morris International is behind the new device which is a smokeless cigarette and uses a special Tobacco heating system rather than burning to get the nicotine from the Heatsticks that are used inside the device.

Heatsticks look a lot like small cigarettes and come in boxes of 20 for around £8.00. They contain specially processed tobacco material and many filter sections. They have been designed specifically for the iQOS. Heat sticks do not produce ash as they do not burn they only heat to around 350 degrees, once at the correct temperature they give of tobacco vapour and are also soaked in Propylene Glycol which is what is also used in e liquid to give you vapour when you exhale.

PMI is aiming this new device at smokers who are still struggling to quit cigarettes even with the help of vaping, patches, spray’s and gums.

They state that in trials it delivered the same nicotine hit but with 90% less of the toxins inhaled by the user.

The cost of producing the iQOS has been £2.4 billion spread over a 10-year development period and with medical testing already on going in Switzerland they hope to corner a new area of the smoking/vape market.


Whichever way the vape industry big guns go, I’m sure that vaping is here to stay and will continue to evolve and grow as a market whatever the setbacks it may face are in the coming months.

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New egic rules what vapers need to know

totally wicked eliquid












TPD EU Regulations and what it means for Vaping Liquid Vapers. customer service department is seeing many more emails asking why we are now ‘sold out’ of many of our 30ml liquids. This has led us to realise that many if not most of our vaping customers still don’t know about the impending TPD EU regulations that came into force last May and take full effect of May 20th this year, so we have written this article for you to get to grips with what the new legislation will mean for you, our customers and how these regulations and restrictions may mean that you will be forced to change your vaping habits or products you purchase.

What is TPD?

TPD stands for Tobacco Products Directive.

Electronic cigarettes can be regulated in 2 ways, firstly under the EU Tobacco Products Directive  

and secondly with licencing as medical products from the MHRA

We have waded through these lengthy pages of legislation and listened to our customers needs to give you a simple easy to read and understand article that will provide you with all the information you need to know about what is about to happen in the vaping world.

The Tobacco Products Directive is not a new legislation as it originally came out in 2001. It’s aim at the time was to reduce smoking in young adults across Europe. Then in 2014 the authorities decide to quietly attempt to add electronic cigarettes to this directive. Classing them as tobacco related products and after many unsuccessful attempts to get e cigs added to this law and almost hiding them in amongst other cigarette related restrictions such as more prominent health warnings, plain packaging and tighter age restrictions, the powers that be finally got there way!

The new revised Tobacco Products Directive came into force on 20th May 2016 and proposed to class e cigarettes as a tobacco related product. The new rules call for changes as to how electronic cigarettes can be manufactured, sold to the consumer, and presented for sale.

Companies where given a year in which to sell old stock that is non TPD compliant and manufactures have had to step through many hoops and spend large amounts of money to get their factories up to speed and to fulfil all that the EU Tobacco Products Directive requires of them.

The main areas of the TPD that will undoubtedly affect Vapers in the UK are:

E liquid maximum nicotine strength 20mg - Nicotine-containing liquid should only be allowed to be placed on the market under this Directive, where the nicotine concentration does not exceed 20 mg/ml. This concentration allows for a delivery of nicotine that is comparable to the permitted dose of nicotine derived from a standard cigarette during the time needed to smoke such a cigarette.

This means that anyone wishing to vape a high nicotine strength e liquid will now be limited to 20mg as a maximum level available. A real blow for heavy smokers wanting to take up vaping to quit their smoking habit and vapers who liked to DIY and mix their own e juice.

Tank size does not exceed 2ml –  In order to limit the risk associated with nicotine, maximum sizes for tanks and cartridges should be set.

This means that many great sub ohm tanks will now become a thing of the past. The choice for sub ohm vaping mods is going to be greatly reduced and the amount of times you are going to have to refill your tank is going to increase enormously.

Refill e liquid bottle size maximum 10ml – In order to limit the risk associated with nicotine, maximum sizes for refill containers should be set.

This means saying good bye to large bottles of e liquid and hello to higher prices and let’s not forget all the extra packaging we are going to get through because of this.

Leak free refilling - Electronic cigarettes and refill containers could create a health risk when in the hands of children. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that such products are child- and tamperproof, including by means of child-proof labelling, fastenings, and opening mechanisms.

Not sure how they are going to control this one as surely filling your tank responsibly and safely is in the hands of the user? Re fill bottles are required to not leak if turned upside down and tanks are also required to not leak

Electronic cigarette devices must deliver a consistent dose of nicotine - Delivery of nicotine doses at consistent levels under normal conditions of use is necessary for health protection, safety, and quality purposes, including to avoid the risk of accidental consumption of high doses.

The style in which people vape differs greatly, some like to take a huge lung full and others take small drags so how this is meant to be implemented, again we are not sure!

Packaging requirements, product approvals and data reporting - Electronic cigarettes and refill containers should be regulated by this Directive, unless they are - due to their presentation or function - subject to Directive 2001/83/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council (2) or to Council Directive 93/42/EEC (3). Diverging legislation and practices as regards these products, including on safety requirements, exist between Member States, hence, action at Union level is required to improve the smooth functioning of the internal market. A high level of public health protection should be taken into account when regulating these products. In order to enable Member States to carry out their surveillance and control tasks, manufacturers and importers of electronic cigarettes and refill containers should be required to submit a notification of the relevant products before they are placed on the market.

This means that all products and every e liquid in every strength available for purchase must be registered before sale. The information required to be submitted to their member state will have to include ingredients lists, detailed emissions data, toxicological data, information on nicotine doses and absorption data, opening and refilling mechanisms and production processes for every single product variation that they wish to sell. Every year data on sales volumes, product types, consumer preferences and surveys must be submitted to member states. This will only increase cost which will ultimately have to be passed on to the consumer making e-cigs less attractive. This will increase the cost of manufacture and cause the retail price to rise. Many of the quality control and safety laws set out by the Tobacco Products Directive have been welcomed by the vaping industry as it will keep consumers much safer.

The future of Vaping is about to change forever!!!

Many companies will no doubt struggle and may not survive the choppy waters ahead, we are all going to have to adapt to the new laws laid down for us and cope with reduced products available to sell and sadly the possible increase in prices that will come with all the extra red tape required but is committed to working through all the hoops that have been put in our way and will continue to deliver the service and high quality products you have come to enjoy and purchase from us over the years.

We are in talks with new and existing suppliers so that after 20th May 2017 we are in a position to be able to offer great flavoured e liquids covering a variety of price ranges and brands.

All our Vape box mods, including the Arc ranges, curve mini and istick 30 W are already TPD compliant as are our budget 100ml E liquid and our High VG Juice.

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New Research on Vaping

 How can Vaping help smokers quit?

 New research is about to begin.

Due to the huge increase in vaping there are now many studies being undertaken to find out all sorts of important information about the device. Many studies are concentrating on what might be the health implications of vaping both in the short term and the long term but the most recent study undertaken by the University of Queensland asks how vaping can help smokers quit.

They have just begun a 5-year study into vaping being used as a harm reduction strategy and how it works as an aid to quitting cigarettes.

They wish to get 600 vapers in Australia involved in their survey which will be completed over the next 5-year period and involve completing 3 on line surveys in that time. They will then be able to compare their findings with other countries including the UK, Canada and the USA.

Dr Coral Gartner, School of Public Health, senior research fellow said “there is need for quality research on vaping which should include factors such as the type of device that is used, knowledge and attitudes about smoking and vaping, and views on how these should be regulated.

Dr Gartner said she is also interested in the extent to which people vape without nicotine to replace behavioural aspects of smoking, such as inhaling and exhaling a mist, compared to vaping with nicotine to replace the nicotine they previously obtained from cigarettes.

“We plan to follow participants over the five-year period to allow us to find out how their behaviour changes and how any changes in regulations during that time affect them,” she said.

Participants need to be aged 18 years or older and currently vaping at least weekly, either with or without nicotine.

Public health England has just released Its latest figures which show that smoking has dropped to an all-time low and many researchers are saying that it’s because the use of electronic cigarettes is still on the rise.

Because of the Stoptober campaign there are now twice as many ex-smokers (14.6 million) in England as smokers (7.2 million). Last year the Stoptober campaign engaged with 2.5 million people who wanted to quit cigarettes and out of those, 500,000 people (20 %) managed to give up cigarettes and stay smoke free. Public health England says this result is the highest rate of success we have had so far and is very likely down to the use of electronic cigarette devises.

Deputy chief medical officer Dr Gina Radford commented “While we know that quitting smoking is not easy, this Stoptober is a perfect time to try again. The best thing a smoker can do for their health is to stop smoking. There is more help and support available now than ever before. The introduction of standardised cigarette packs removes the glamorous branding and brings health warnings to the fore and e-cigarettes, which many smokers find helpful for quitting, are now being regulated to assure their safety and quality.”

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Totally wicked e liquid expands production

Vape News 11th September 2016

totally wicked





Over the last few weeks there has been many negative stories in the news around vaping and the use of electronic cigarettes.

This news has not deterred Blackburn vape kings Totally Wicked who have just built a brand new production centre to cope with demand.
Their new e liquid production facility is the very first to be built in the UK and will be able to produce 10 million bottles of e liquid every year.

These bottles we be distributed within the UK to their many Totally Wicked vape stores and also further afield to the UK and worldwide markets.

They decided to expand even with the uncertainty of the TPD EU regulations on vape industry coming into effect in May of next year as they just couldn’t work in the offices and current space they had as demand is continuing to rise.

Totally Wicked went to court earlier in the year to protest at article 20 of the Tobacco Products Directive.

They were the only electronic cigarette company to win the right to challenge the directive which wanted to bring all things electronic cigarette related underneath the umbrella of ‘tobacco related products’. This would mean they would have to be regulated as such even though they do not contain tobacco.

Sadly, Totally Wicked did not win and Electronic cigarettes and vape juices will become officially regulated next year.

Their new centre was constructed off site and then moved into place once built which has meant that the local community has had the least disruption possible while building work was taking place. It has been built in the companies distinctive red and grey colours by company PortaKabin.

Their operations director Stuart Mercer said “We needed this building to help us meet the growing demand for our products both in the UK and for export markets.”

"It is a cutting edge facility for e-liquid production.”
"We chose an off-site solution because the brownfield site we wanted to develop is very constrained and it was critical to have as little interruption to our operations and to neighbouring properties as possible.”

"The benefits of off-site construction far exceeded those of site-based construction.”

"Following completion we are now ideally placed to take the business to the next level, increasing production in a very clean, modern environment.”

"The finished building fits in really well with our corporate image and we would definitely recommend the approach and Portakabin to other businesses looking to expand their facilities.”

The total build only took 4 months and will allow for an increase in production of their e liquid and Totally Wicked brand.

They now have a ground floor production area which includes state of the art e liquid production equipment, a fluid mixing area with a test room, a bottling plant and cold room for perfect storage conditions.

The Totally wicked offices will now be located on the first floor allowing 30 members of staff to work on their continued expansion of the Totally Wicked family.

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Vaping vs smoking are ecigs safe new propylene glycol study


vape uk

Vaping News 30th August 2016

The use of Electronic cigarettes may be reducing lung infections in ex-smokers

People who have been smokers but turned to vaping have a 66% reduction in lung related infections a new study claims.

Queen Mary university of London hospital have just carried out an on line study of 941 people who have made the switch to Vaping from smoking tobacco products and have been using an electronic cigarette for at least 2 months.

Their new study published by the Journal of Addiction Research and Therapy suggests that 66% or two thirds of the people in the study have reported suffering from fewer respiratory illnesses, 29% reported no change and 5% thought that their respiratory problems had got worse while using an electronic cigarette device.

The researchers who carried out this study are not surprised by the results. It is well known that smoking increases many forms of respiratory illnesses including lung cancer due to the many thousands of chemicals inhaled when a smoker takes a puff. Compare this to Vaping where these chemicals do not exist and where only 4 main products are used to make up E liquid.

Vaping compared to smoking does not fill the lungs with tar which is one of the main health benefits of vaping an e cig over smoking a cigarette. If the lungs don’t get congested with tar build up, which is what smoker’s inhale then they are bound to work more efficiently.

In fact, they have suggested that one of the components in e liquid, propylene glycol may actually provide some antimicrobial protection when being vaped but they will need to carry out further tests to confirm this fact.

Propylene glycol is an ingredient found in Hospital air conditioning systems and a clinical trial carried out by Dr Murray Laugeson of Health New Zealand suggest that far from causing long term health problems it may actually be helping to keep vapers healthy as it could help to kill various air borne viruses that we breath in on a daily basis.

Researchers also found that one part of propylene glycol added into 2,000,000 parts air would within a few seconds kill air borne viruses such as streptococci, pneumococci and other bacteria.

 They are pushing to carry out further tests on Propylene glycol to confirm or deny these facts which if proven to be true could be used very successfully as a virus prevention tool.

Studies on vapers who have been using electronic cigarettes for over a year have reported no major adverse respiratory effects but as vaping is a relatively new invention then studies of vapers over the long term will have to wait until they have been around long enough for further tests to be carried out. We may have to wait for up to 30 years before the real long term benefits or side effects of continued vaping is truly understood.

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Vaping rules get tough in the USA

wicked ecig

USA comes under more Vaping restrictions!

Monday the 8th August saw yet more vaping restrictions coming into force in the USA.

The US Food and Drug administrator’s wicked new laws mean that nearly all current electronic cigarette products, from e liquid to vape pens, that have been on the market to date will have to go through a rigorous application process to determine whether they can continue to be sold in vape shops and on line.

2009 was when the US Food and Drug administrators started to push for tighter legislation of all things relating to e cigs and finally they got their wish.

The news laws will make it harder for young vapers, which is not a bad thing, to take up the habit as it will reduce the availability of nicotine to minors.

The age limit for being allowed to sell to customers has been raised from 18 to 21. This is an easy thing to keep in check in a shop environment where you can ask each customer who looks under age for their ID but will prove more difficult with on line vaping sales.

The FDA new law means that all online stores have to perform what is called a’ bluecheck’ on each customer. One of the USA’s largest online vaping companies explained what a ‘bluecheck’ entailed for themselves and their customers who will now have to take a selfie with their ID and also include the last four digits of their social security number. This then has to be checked by their company to make sure they are not underage before they can purchase products.

Customers are concerned about on line security and safety and just don’t want the hassle of having to do this.
Vaping has been growing in popularity over the years but vaping within the young has also been rising fast. The centres for disease control and prevention give a rise from 1.5% in 2011 to 16% in 2015 in the use of electronic cigarettes within students in high school in America.

Anti-tobacco health organisations continue to raise concerns that vaping and vaping products are being used by the younger generations as a gateway to smoking, whereas vaping groups say that these same youngsters would have taken up smoking regardless with the far greater threat to their health compared to vaping.

The FDA has given manufacturers 2 years to be able to keep selling their current products while new production applications are submitted. They have them given them an additional year in which to sell while the FDA reviews all information received.
The new law now means that retailers in the USA will not be allowed to sell products in a vending machine, unless in an adult only venue or to give away free samples for people to try. They will also not be allowed to offer customers the ‘try before you buy’ sell, which lets customers try the flavour they are interested in first before they purchase a whole bottle.

Retailers in the USA are also not allowed to promote vaping and sing its praises. Comments like ‘vaping is less harmful than smoking’, even though it has scientifically been found to be true, should not be used when selling to customers or using success stories to promote vaping and help an undecided smoker to give them a try, will also not be allowed.

Many vaping groups worry that these new laws will see vaping decline dramatically and they have already launched a legal battle to stop the FDA, they worry that if they do not succeed in changing the FDA’s new law, the vapour industry will shrink to almost nothing by August, 2018.

Let’s hope that the powers that be finally see sense and stop their continued onslaught on the Vaping industry and see it for what it is! A safer way to get your nicotine hit without subjecting your body to the 1000 plus chemicals that are contained in regular cigarettes.

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Vaping at work





Vaping rooms needed in the work place
August 2016
3 weeks ago we bought you news about Vaping in public and how many health officials had come together to state that putting a ban on the use of e cigs in public places could be ‘damaging’ and reduce your chances of quitting smoking for good.

Public health England then went on to publish vaping in the workplace information designed to give businesses a 5 point guide to policy making to make it easier to give Vapers the ‘smoke free’ space they need to vape and to encourage them to stay smoke free in the work place.

They also acknowledged that the use of electronic cigarettes is becoming the most popular way to quit smoking and would like to see a tobacco free generation by 2025!

Following on from this news there is now a push by health professionals to make designated ‘vaping rooms’ available to use while vapers are at work. These rooms would stop the need for vapers to be made to use the same areas designated for smokers.

Public health England suggests that bosses should make a room free for vapers to use so they can vape in a smoke free environment and also be allowed to take smaller more frequent breaks.

This is due to the nicotine amount inhaled while using an electronic cigarette device being of a smaller quantity than that inhaled from a regular cigarette, this means that vapers would need to have smaller more frequent breaks to keep their nicotine levels ‘topped up’.

A smoker, smoking a cigarette can reach the desired nicotine levels he needs to stop cravings for about an hour.

A vaper using an electronic cigarette regularly over a period of time can maintain the nicotine level required to stop themselves from getting ‘cravings’ but they have to be used frequently for this to be sustained as vaping provides a generally lower blood nicotine level and takes longer to reach the desired level thus requiring more frequent use.

Public health England have suggested the use of an indoor room being preferable to vaping outside because making people smoke outside, they feel has increased smoking’s public visibility to young people and children and although they acknowledge the fact that vaping is 95% better for you than smoking they still don’t want to be seem as promoting any form of nicotine dependency.

In their workplace framework advice guide they acknowledge there is a distinct difference between vaping and smoking and the use of ‘smoking’ terminology when referring to vaping needs to stop as it can confuse many people.

What we need now is to allow Vapers to use e cigs in the work place, away from a smoking environment that could harm them due to passive smoking and to guard against the potential uptake of vaping by children and the young.

Vaping rooms would also support smokers while they quit and encourage them to stay smoke free and also comply with smoke free law and policy.

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Electronic cigarettes are reducing teenage cancer numbers

Vaping News 19th July 2016

Joytech all in one aio

Vaping is reducing teenage cancer 

There have been many news articles recently stating that the use of electronic cigarettes is increasing the risk for teenagers who take up vaping as it could lead them to take up smoking at a later stage or into adulthood when they can purchase them easily, causing more bad publicity for the vaping world.

This week however, there have been articles hitting the Vaping News headlines that dispel this train of thought and state that teenagers who vape are reducing their chances of getting a smoking related cancer by one fifth.

Professor Dr David Levy has challenged this vaping versus smoking fact saying that although using an electronic cigarette might encourage a very few teenagers to move from vaping to smoking the likelihood is that vaping will in fact, reduce our teenage smoking figures.

Smoking related deaths have been reduced by a fifth in those born after they came onto the market in 1997.

A team of scientists have been arguing that although there are many teenagers now vaping, these same teenagers would have taken up smoking regardless and smoking has been proven to be by far the more deadly choice to take.

A study by a group of international experts used a computer model to analyse date collected and their research concluded that, although we still don’t know the long term effects of vaping, electronic cigarettes are likely to reduce cigarette smoking and not lead to offsetting increases in harm from the use of e-cigarettes and more deadly cigarettes.

Professor Levy said “When we consider the plausible positive and negative aspects of e-cigarette use, we find that vaping is likely to have a net positive public health impact.”

A reduction of 21% in smoking related deaths and a 20 percent increase in life expectancy was projected using the model developed by Australian, US and Canadian scientists.

Their findings recorded reductions in smoking and increase in life when an electronic cigarette devices was used in people born in 1997 or after compared to what they would be if there was no other options available apart from smoking.

Prof Levy added: “Our model is consistent with recent evidence that, while e-cigarette use has markedly increased, cigarette smoking among youth and young adults has fallen dramatically.

Ideally let’s hope that teenagers will neither smoke nor vape as any form of nicotine inhalation could have a negative impact on brain development in the young and here at Vaping Liquid we never sell to anyone under 18 and ask for ID if we are not sure on the age of a person.

What needs to happen now over the coming months and years is that the market needs to be analysed further and much more time put into researching the behaviour of our teenagers in regard to vaping over smoking.

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Vaping news Can you vape at work

Vaping News!

electronic cigarette







Last week we reported about Vaping in Public and that many health officials have come together to state that putting a ban on vaping in public could be ‘damaging’ and reduce your chances of quitting smoking.

Smoking, although on the decline is still a huge killer.
In England alone, 78,000 deaths occur each year making smoking the number one killer. This figure is far too high and something that the Public Heath England wishes to reduce dramatically.

The Health Act (2006) contains legislation that prohibits smoking in enclosed public places and work places, in vehicles that are used for work purposes and on various modes of public transport. It holds scientific evidence that has proved to be conclusive in its findings.

Electronic cigarettes have not been around along enough yet to gain this vital scientific evidence on there safety but as they do not create smoke as they don’t burn tobacco then they are seen by many to be a safer nicotine delivering device.
In fact PHE published a report in 2015 that stated that Vaping was 95% less harmful than smoking.

This week ( 6th July) the PHE has published new advice for businesses and employers in regard to vaping in the work place.
They have put together a 5 point guide to policy making to make it easier to give Vapers the ‘smoke free’ space they need to vape and to encourage them to stay smoke free in the work place. They acknowledge that the use of electronic cigarettes is becoming the most popular way to quit smoking and would like to see a tobacco free generation by 2025!

With the current information available to them they accept that work places vary greatly and there is no ‘one size fits all approach’. There are many different points to take into account when setting out the framework to help employers in businesses big or small, create electronic cigarette policies and procedures.
The 5 points given are based on the current information and knowledge we already know about e cigs and are aimed to help in the setting up of a vaping policy:

1. Make clear the distinction between vaping and smoking.

2. Ensure policies are informed by the evidence on health risks to bystanders.

3. Identify and manage risks of uptake by children and young people.

4. Support smokers to stop smoking and stay smokefree.

5. Support compliance with smokefree law and policies.

George Butterworth Cancer research UK’s tobacco policy manager said,

“E-cigarettes are still a relatively new product, so it’s understandable that many people and businesses may not know how to deal with them. The evidence so far shows e-cigarettes are much safer than tobacco and they have the potential to help people give up a deadly addiction. It’s important the benefit of using them are maximised while reducing any negative impact, and organisations need independent advice from Public Health England to set out their own policies.”

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Will Brexit effect electronic cigarettes and the TPD

Vaping News!

Here at Vaping we thought it was about time we gave you an easy to read weekly Vaping News article designed to keep you up to date with what is happening in the Vaping World.

We hope to be able to provide you with various Vaping News articles which will keep you in the Vaping world loop!

So to begin our Weekly Vaping News update we have to start with the EU referendum and what it will mean to Vapers in the UK.

vaping tank








Top news of the Week

Since the UK voted on the 23rd  June to leave the EU we here at Vaping are keeping a close eye on what is now going to happen in regards to the EU TPD and what this will mean for us and our customers

The 20th May 2016 marked the day where all Vaping retailers where given a year to sell current stock that didn’t conform to the EU Tobacco Products Directive. This meant that 30ml or larger e liquid bottles where going to be banned and 10ml e liquid bottles where going to be the maximum size we would be allowed to sell along with smaller tanks. BUT now we have voted to leave the EU, will we still need to conform to these rules set out by the TPD?,or once we have left will our government  listen to the voice of the Vaper and allow us to once again take back some control on what we can and cannot sell?

The answer right now is we will just have to wait and see, however, there is currently a key date to circle in your diary and that is the 4th July when Lord Callanan will lead a major debate on Vaping in the House of Lords. Let’s hope that this will start the ball rolling and that 2.8 million Vapers will finally get their voice heard and that many restrictions planned for Vaping will be quashed.

We will of course keep you updated on what happens next ....

Vaping News – Health

Don’t ban vaping in public.

Many heath officials are now saying that putting a ban on vaping in public could be ‘damaging’ and reduce your chances of quitting smoking.

Belfast hosted the British medical associations annual meeting where they called for the use of electronic cigarette to be restricted in public places. Public Health England (PHE) have argued this case saying that stopping people from vaping in public places may stop smokers from switching to vaping as they would still have to use designated smoking areas to vape.

Director of drugs, alcohol and tobacco at PHE, Rosanna O’Connor said: "Vaping is not the same as smoking, second-hand smoke is harmful to health but there is no evidence that e-cigarette vapour carries the same harms. "In fact a ban on using e-cigarettes in public places could be damaging, as it may put off smokers from using e-cigarettes to help them quit. "

A consultant in public health, from Glasgow, Dr Iain Kennedy has called for restrictions on places where e-cigarettes can be used in public, he argues that we don’t yet know the affects of passive vaping especially in confined areas such as bars, restaurants ect. He added: “What we don't know yet is what the precise mechanisms of that are, what long-term harm there is. This is cutting edge research, with findings being published at the moment.”

He did however also add that "Electronic cigarettes are undoubtedly safer than cigarettes but that does not mean they are completely 100% safe. "It is a precautionary measure - until we do the studies and have a better idea of what the risks may or may not be, we should restrict their use in public places."

Did you know your saving £££

Ever wondered just how much you are saving now you have turned to Electronic cigarettes. Here are some interesting facts for you:

The average Vaper saves a whopping £1250.00 a year over smoking cigarettes

This means that the average Vaper will have cut down on their cigarette intake by an average of 17 to 9 cigarettes per day which is 146 packets or 2920 cigarettes per year.

That’s the equivalent to 8.3 million cigarettes per year.

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Cloud chasing with high vg eliquid

Could cloud chasing be your new vaping sport of choice?

There's a new sport sweeping across America and slowly making an impact here in the UK too, but it's a sport like no other. Cloud chasing, also known as extreme vaping, is not only a pastime for vaping enthusiasts, but a career for many professionals who compete to create the biggest, most impressive clouds.

What is cloud chasing?

High vg eliquid

Cloud chasing first began on the West Coast of the USA when electronic cigarettes began to grow in popularity from 2007 onwards. With the development of more advanced atomisers and e-cig technology, vaping enthusiasts began to heavily modify their electronic cigarettes in order to maximise the amount of vapour produced.

What began as a hobby quickly turned into a competition, as groups of vapers, known as cloud chasers, began to come together at vape shops or vape cafes to compare e-cig models, modifications and eliquid in an attempt to produce the biggest plumes of vapour. Friendly contests soon evolved into more formal competitions, and there are now several major contests all over the USA, the most notable being the World Series of Vape in Las Vegas and the International Cloud Championships in California.

Cloud chasing competitions are designed to be fun, friendly events where the passionate vaping community can come together to discuss mods and techniques, but in recent years the competitive side has definitely been rising and prize money for each competition can range from $250 to $2000. It's not just prize money that professionals have access to either; many of the most talented vapers are sponsored by e-cigarette and eliquid companies, both of which are eager for their products to be endorsed by professional cloud chasers who are looked up to within the vaping community. These types of opportunities give vapers the chance to turn their hobby into full time, and highly lucrative, careers.

Although the USA is where the biggest cloud chasing competitions are at, there are a few quietly cropping up in the UK too, as well as many meet-ups and events where cloud chasers can get together to share technique. Festivals and expos such Vape Jam and Vaper Expo offer plenty of opportunities for enthusiasts to show off their skills, but in coming years we expect even more high profile cloud chasing events to kick off in the UK.

Style and substance

The aim of the game with cloud chasing competitions is to produce the biggest, densest cloud of vapour possible, but there is a little more to the hobby than that.

Many cloud chasers are skilled in performing smoke tricks and can mesmerise their audience with complex manipulation of vapour. Just like cloud chasing, vape tricks require a huge amount of vapour and advanced modification of e-cigarettes. It also takes months of practise to perfect technique.

How to make big clouds

There is no easy way to produce huge clouds and it takes many months and a great deal of investment to do so. However, it all begins with sub ohm vaping.

Sub ohm vaping

Sub ohm vaping is the use of an atomiser which has a coil with a resistance of less than 1.0 ohms. These types of atomisers have large wicks and wires, and are able to conduct more heat over a larger areas. This means that more eliquid is vaporised with each inhalation, and more vapour is produced. The lower the resistance, the bigger the clouds, which is why advanced sub ohm tanks allow users to adjust the resistance to suit their tastes.

There are many benefits to sub ohm vaping aside from cloud chasing. The resulting vapour is warmer, which for many mimics the sensation of smoking and results in a more satisfying vaping experience. Plus, since denser vapour is produced, sub ohm vaping can produce much better flavour from your vape juice of choice. However, you should be aware that sub ohm vaping tends to require a large battery, and a lot more juice than normal atomisers.

Most cloud chasers will modify and rebuild their sub ohm atomisers in order to even further increase the amount of vapour generated. It is standard practise for them to create their own coils and also drill extra air holes in order to increase the amount of air passing over the coils with each inhalation, which helps to produce even more vapour.

High VG eliquid

If you don't know the difference between PG and VG vape juice, it's time to learn because the ratio of each significantly affects the amount of vapour generated.

PG (propylene glycol) is an artificial substance which tends to be very thin in consistency. It can be quite harsh and produces a strong throat hit, which many people like as it mimics the sensation of smoking a real cigarette, but it produces very little vapour. VG (vegetable glycol) is derived from vegetables and is therefore more natural than PG. It tends to have a much thicker consistency, provides very little throat hit, but tends to produce much more vapour than PG.

Most eliquid contains a mixture of PG and VG in order to offer a good balance between generous amounts of clouds and a satisfying throat hit, but there are many ratios on the market which allow vapers to get the perfect balance to suit their tastes. However, since VG produces plenty of vapour, most cloud chasers choose to vape with high VG eliquid, or even 100% VG juice. If you're interested in getting into cloud chasing or vape tricks, a high VQ eliquid is definitely a great place to start.

Safe mods

It's important to point out that modifying an electronic cigarette requires a great deal of skill and understanding of the technology involved. The lower the resistance of your atomiser, the more heat it produces, which can be dangerous. However, provided that you do plenty of research before tinkering with your e-cig, you should be able to safely and spectacularly chase clouds like the USA professionals. At we have a range of tank mods available which offer the perfect starting point for experienced vapers who are ready to try their hand at cloud chasing modification - head to our store now to check them out.

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Vaping news -non smokers unlikely to take up vaping

There have been lots of developments in the vaping industry this month, including important new findings on attitudes towards electronic cigarette use, and an innovative new hybrid device that combines vaping with real tobacco. Read on to find out more.

CDC study shows non-smokers are highly unlikely to start vaping

A newly released American study from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention has given good evidence to suggest that very few non-smokers try vaping. One of the most common arguments against electronic cigarette use is that they may encourage non-smokers to vape and develop an addiction to nicotine, or even be used as a gateway to traditional smoking. This study helps to dispel this belief and further reinforces the benefits that vaping provides to those who want to quit smoking tobacco.

The CDC study has also provided further insight into the types of people likely to try vaping, which is incredibly useful for the American electronic cigarette market. Adults between the ages of 18 and 24 were most likely to try vaping (21.6%), while those over the age of 65 were least likely to sample it (3.7%). The likelihood of people trialling electronic cigarettes decreases with age; 16.6% of 25 to 44-year olds have tried it, while just 10.2% of 45 to 64-year olds gave e-cigs a try. Men were also slightly more likely to try vaping than women, with 14.2% of men giving vaping a go compared to 11.2% of women.

However, the most significant find of the study was that current smokers (15.9%) and those who had quit smoking within the past year (22%) were the most likely groups to quit smoking, and current smokers who tried to quit within the past year were more likely to vape (20.3%) than those who had not attempted to quit tobacco (11.8%). This demonstrates that those who want to quit smoking view electronic cigarettes as a safe alternative to tobacco and an effective method of giving up normal cigarettes.

Over 50% of Americans misinformed about health benefits of e-cigs

Meanwhile, another study conducted on behalf of the Boston Globe and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health has found that many Americans are ignorant to the health benefits of vaping as a result of inaccurate scare stories spread by public health campaigners. 32% of the public said that they believed vaping to be just as harmful as smoking tobacco, while 6% even believed it to be more dangerous. 14% were unable to state whether or not they believed vaping to be safer or not, which suggests that there is simply a lack of knowledge on the subject among American people.

There is currently no evidence to suggest that e-cigs cause lung cancer, heart disease or any other health conditions associated with tobacco use, and in August this year Public Health England even concluded that e-cigs are 95% safer than tobacco. Despite this, it seems that a large proportion of Americans are unaware that vaping is a safer alternative and there needs to be far more accurate information made available to the public to change views and encourage more smokers to make the change to improve their health.

President of the American Vaping Association, Gregory Conley, has proclaimed it a "scandal" that over half of Americans are misinformed or simply uneducated on the subject. His belief is that "dishonest and unethical campaign tactics" are smearing the reputation of electronic cigarette use, and that if current public opinion is to support heavy taxing of e-cigs, those who want to use the devices to quit tobacco will be punished and will find it much more difficult to beat the habit and improve their health.

Hybrid electronic cigarette set to launch

British American Tobacco is set to launch a new hybrid electronic cigarette called iFuse which is said to allow smokers to continue to use tobacco with reduced health risks. The e-cig will contain very small amounts of tobacco in an attempt to give a better flavour, without creating harmful toxic emissions or second-hand smoke.

The iFuse will look and work in the same way as a normal e-cig, but heated vapour will pass through a small capsule of real tobacco in order to give a better flavour. Since the tobacco is only warmed and not burned, the resulting emissions will be much cleaner in comparison to cigarettes. Kingsley Wheaton, director of technology at British American Tobacco, has explained that, so far, toxicological studies performed on the devices show that aerosols emitted from the iFuse are similar to those emitted from a normal vaping device. However, health research is still in its very early stages and there is much more to be done before it is understood if the iFuse will be as safe as normal electronic cigarettes.

Since the iFuse will only gradually be rolled out, it will likely be some time before we see significant reviews and really understand if the device provides a better vaping experience, particularly when up against sub ohm tanks which already provide improved flavour and a warm vape to better mimic the process of smoking tobacco. Although the hybrid devices are said to significantly reduce the harmful effects of tobacco, they will still contain a small amount of tobacco and this may put off many e-cig users who have turned to Kanger devices and similar sub ohm tanks to avoid the health risks that tobacco presents.

Furthermore, the iFuse will be subject to the same levels of regulation and tax as traditional tobacco products; they will still contain graphic health warnings on the packets and be hidden from view at tobacco kiosks. However, since the amount of tobacco in the iFuse devices will be much less than that of a packet of cigarettes or tobacco, the overall tax cost is likely to be smaller, which may appeal to current smokers who are interested in switching to a more cost effective option. For those who have already made a successful, permanent switch to e-cigs though, using the iFuse may seem like a step backwards Read more

Vaping news: e-cigs 95% healthier than tobacco

It's been an exciting week in the vaping industry with vapers across the world, including us here at, talking about a new independent review which claims it is far safer to vape than to smoke normal tobacco. Read all about it here, along with other international electronic cigarette news.

Public Health England announce vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking

A new ground-breaking review undertaken by Public Health England has concluded that electronic cigarettes are 95% less harmful than normal cigarettes. The findings of the review are making headlines all over the world as health professionals who were previously dubious about the health benefits of vaping may now begin to endorse them as a successful method of quitting tobacco.

The review was undertaken by independent experts which means its findings can be deemed highly reliable and credible. In the past, many studies into the health effects of electronic cigarettes have been funded by tobacco companies and have therefore been highly scrutinised and deemed biased and unreliable. Since this review was publicly funded, both the general public and health professionals can be confident of its accuracy.

There are three highly important points to take note of from the review:

1. Smoking an electronic cigarette is 95% less harmful than smoking normal cigarettes.

2. So far there is no evidence to suggest that vaping acts as a progressive route to tobacco smoking for non-smokers or children.

3. 44.8% of the UK population do not realise that smoking an e-cig is significantly less harmful than smoking tobacco.

Points 1 and 2 address the key concern that many healthcare professionals have had about e-cigarettes up to now; that they may pose dangerous health risks, and that they may encourage young people and non-smokers to begin smoking tobacco. With these two concerns dispelled, we may see health ministers and governing bodies around the world become more accepting of vaping.

Now, Public Health England's biggest concern is over point 3; that almost half of people in the UK don't understand how much less harmful e-cigs are compared to normal cigarettes. 22.7% of people stated that they didn't know whether it is harmful to vape, while 22.1% believed it to be equally or more harmful than smoking tobacco.

If these opinions are to be maintained, it could mean that many people are continuing to smoke tobacco in the belief that vaping wouldn't be any better for their health. It is therefore crucial to raise awareness of the health benefits of vaping in order to encourage more people to make the switch and minimise the harmful effects of tobacco.

Public Health England has also found evidence to suggest that the highest successful rates of quitting tobacco are found among those who vape while receiving support from their local stop smoking service. This finding suggests that NHS smoking cessation programmes should be recommending the use of e-cigs to give participants the best level of support and chance of quitting.

One independent author of the study, Professor Peter Hajek, even went as far as to say that smokers should experiment with different types of e-cigs in order to increase their chances of successfully quitting. He said that many may not enjoy the first vaping juice that they try, but rather than reverting back to normal cigarettes "it may take some experimentation with different products and e-liquids to find the right one." This is fantastic news for the e-liquid industry as it means that a wide variety of different brands and flavours of juices will always be an important part of helping people to quit smoking.

Overall, PHE's review should mark a shift in attitudes towards electronic cigarettes and we look forward to seeing greater acceptance of those who vape throughout the UK.

Guardian reports that young people smoke e-cigs for better social life

Having spoken to a number of young adults about their smoking habits, the Guardian has reported that many have swapped tobacco for e-liquid in order to enjoy a better social life.

Rather than being segregated outside with normal cigarettes or berated by friends for smelling of smoke, young people are rapidly switching to electronic cigarettes which give them the flexibility to vape almost anywhere without harming the people around them. They also stated that vaping makes them feel much healthier, too.

Although only anecdotal evidence, this report demonstrates that the younger generation are keen to change their smoking habits. It also suggests that vaping is a much more socially acceptable habit than tobacco smoking which is helping to stamp out the taboos around e-cigs.

National Fatwa Council announces vaping is prohibited for Muslims

The chairman of the National Fatwa Council in Malaysia has announced that the use of electronic cigarettes is haram, which means it is forbidden by Islamic law.

The announcement comes after the council recently recommended that Muslims avoid vaping until further evidence of its effect on health was established. Just a week later and in spite of the comprehensive review from Public Health England, the council has deemed e-cigarettes to be wasteful and harmful to health.

The decision is in keeping with the council's views of normal cigarettes and shisha, both of which are also deemed as haram. Although e-cigs pose lower health risks than tobacco, vaping juice still contains nicotine and it is this which has caused the council to label it haram.

It is yet unknown how the council's announcement will affect the use of electronic cigarettes throughout Malaysia. Muslims make up 61% of the country's population, but considering that 23% of the population smoke tobacco it can be assumed that many ignore the council's ruling on tobacco being forbidden. Those who use electronic cigarettes may therefore also choose to continue to vape despite the council's announcement.

Vaping was recently in the headlines in Malaysia when it was announced there would be a crackdown on the prevalence of cannabis flavoured e-liquid in order to improve the reputation of electronic cigarettes. The ruling from the National Council Fatwa is therefore a step backwards for a a country which has an ever-growing vaping industry. However, with increasing amounts of evidence building to prove that vaping is a healthy option, there is still a good chance that attitudes towards electronic cigarettes will improve and the industry will continue to boom. Read more

Vaping news e cig research and smoking cessation

Vaping news 

There's been lots of interesting vaping news emerging over the past week, including talk of increased research into the use of electronic cigarettes as smoking cessation aids. At Vaping Liquid we think this can only be a good thing for the vape industry; the better understanding we all have of e-cigs, the more they can be used to help people to successfully quit tobacco. Read on to learn more:

Cancer Research UK has big plans for e-cig research

Cancer Research UK recently published a new blog [] in which they discussed their plans to invest in research into electronic cigarettes and vaping. The charity have already praised the way in which e-cigs can help people quit tobacco and reduce their risk of cancer, but their dedication to research into electronic cigarettes is a really positive step towards a greater acceptance of vaping.

The charity aims to explore not only the long-term effects of vaping on our health, but also the way in which e-cigs effect our behaviour when attempting to quit smoking. Although there's plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that vaping helps people to quit tobacco, there is currently very little scientific research to back this up. Cancer Research UK understand that with legislative decisions on e-cigs looming, it's critical to gather statistics now on the merits of vaping, so that electronic cigarettes can remain a viable option for those who want to give up tobacco.

Over the coming years, Cancer Research UK plan to invest in research in the following areas:

- Drivers - the external factors which affect behaviour and perceptions on e-cigs.
- Perceptions - the psychological factors which affect the use of e-cigs.
- Behaviours - the patterns of use of both e-cigs and tobacco use, including the effectiveness of vaping when quitting cigarettes.
- Mechanisms - the biological effects of vaping, including investigation into device types and juice types.
- Outcomes - the long term effects of e-cig use.

We imagine that both the vaping community and healthcare professionals will benefit from having a greater understanding of all these factors and look forward to hearing more about Cancer Research UK's studies over the coming years.

Derby's first vaping cafe bar opens

A new specialist vaping cafe bar has opened in Derby, to the delight of many electronic cigarette users in the city. Although not the first of its kind to open in the UK (there are already similar vaping cafes dotted around the country), it is the first to open in the Midlands, a landmark which the cafe's owners, brothers Blake and Mark, are incredibly proud of. The cafe, called Vapey Jacks Vape Lounge and Bottle Bar, isn't just a venue for vaping; it sells and repairs electronic cigarettes and has its own brand of craft beers and coffee on offer.

It's fantastic to see increasing numbers of vaping bars such as this one cropping up around the UK. Although it's legal to use electronic cigarettes in public places, many pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants ban them from being used indoors, which is making it difficult for vapers to find establishments which do not force them to vape outdoors. With more e-cig-friendly establishments opening across the country we hope that vaping will become more acceptable in public places as people realise that it is an excellent alternative to normal cigarettes.

Furthermore, we hope it will help to bring vaping communities closer together. Currently it is incredibly difficult for fellow vapers to meet in public for some cloud chasing and discussions about mods, sub ohm devices and e-liquids, but with the rise of vaping cafes we may see some exciting cloud chasing competitions in the UK in years to come.

Crackdown needed on cannabis flavoured juice in Malaysia

Key figures in the Malaysian vaping industry have said that a crackdown on cannabis flavoured e-cig juice is essential if the industry is not to be given a bad name. It is becoming an increasingly common problem that vaporisers are being used for drugs and as a result the Bukit Aman Narcotics Criminal Investigation Department has formed a task force to investigate the sale and use of cannabis flavoured liquids.

Although it is unlikely that these cheap e-liquid flavours contain the real drug or cause any kind of intoxication, the industry does not want to be seen to be promoting drug use in any way. Malaysia has the second largest vape industry in the world after the United States, however it is notoriously unregulated. It is hoped that by preventing the sale of cannabis flavoured juice and the use of drugs with vaporisers, the industry's reputation will begin to improve and the general public will see the benefits of vaping.

E-cigs could reduce need for NHS smoking support programmes

There has been a significant decline in the number of people using NHS support services to help them quit smoking, and the change has been attributed to the rise of electronic cigarettes. The number of recorded attempts to quit tobacco with the help of the NHS has reportedly dropped by 13% in recent years, while areas in the south of Scotland have reported that less people than ever before are using their Smoking Matters programme. In just one area where the service has been available, Dumfries and Galloway, only 102 people used the service successfully; a staggering 251 less than the area's target.

Dr Andrew Carnon, a Public Health Consultant, has stated that the the popularity of e-cigs could be one reason why less people are turning to the NHS to quit tobacco. With vaporisers so easy to access, people can take steps themselves to give up normal cigarettes without feeling as though they need to visit their GP for help.

The NHS currently does not have a clear viewpoint on the use of e-cigs, with some health professionals being supportive of their use as a smoking cessation aid, while others remain dubious about the long-term health impacts of vaping. However, Dr Carnon suggested that this is an opportunity for the NHS to conduct more research into e-cigs in order to properly understand the benefits of vaporisers and adapt their smoking support services accordingly

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What are herbal vaporizers

What are vape pens?

Potable vaporizers shisha sticks electronic cigarettes vape pens sub ohm vaping what’s the difference?








With the huge rise in popularity of electronic cigarettes and vaporizer devices it can be difficult for any new vaping starter to understand. In this article we are going to take a look at portable vaporizers or vape pen for short.

Vaporizer pen

Herbal vaporizers have become the new craze with our cousins across the pond in America. No doubt due to the legalisation of medical marijuana across many states and the DE criminalisation for recreational use in many neighbouring states.

As we all now combustion of tobacco to obtain a nicotine fix is definitely not the way to go if you want to preserve your health. Combustion or burning the leaf also produces the nasty chemicals we are all trying to avoid like tar and carbon monoxide.

However both tobacco and the green stuff have an optimum temperature where the natural chemical such as nicotine in the case of tobacco or THC in marijuana can be release without the nasty side effects produced by tar and carbon monoxide.

The herbal vaporizer pen uses far less bud and produces a greater sensation when compared to the roll your own style or bong use.

Therefore using a vaping device gives you far more bang for your buck and is a much healthier alternative.

There are literally hundreds of companies now producing these types of devices some of the more popular vaporizers like the volcano pax atmos or snoop dog have been around for quite a while .Yet in the UK the popularity has been slow to take off .

Now that the initial wave of the early expensive devices has passed the are some great models available at reasonable prices but beware some cheap sub £30 device do not vaporizer the herb,they simply have a heating coil the will burn your herbs in exactly the same way as any standard combustion with a flame will .

Buyer beware make sure you are buying a proper vaping device that is capable of reaching at least 300f without burning for the best possible experience.



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What is sub ohm vaping

Vape sub ohm for huge clouds

Sub ohm vaping is the term used for vapers who use sub ohm resistance coils in their tanks to produce huge plumes of vapour. It has been given the term 'cloud chasing' and has become quite a controversial topic with vapers, as some get a huge kick out of making enormous amounts of vapour and their motto is the bigger the cloud the better the vape, while others just don't see the point in it!

It used to be for the more advanced vaper as sub ohm vaping mods were needed and a small amount of science when using RBA's ( Rebuild-able atomisers) to produce these big vapour clouds.

To achieve this cloud in the past, you had to be into RBA's (Rebuild able atomisers) or RDA's (Rebuild-able drip atomisers) attached to very big batteries or mechanical mods, all of which needed a level of skill and experience to use correctly and safely to achieve the best vapour cloud possible.

Now the vaping market is being flooded with a new wave of sub ohm vaping tanks. These tanks are designed for the less advanced sub ohm vaper and have been made to make it easier and safer to experience the bigger vape. They also cut out the need to build your own coils if you don't wish too, but still wish to chase the cloud!

Lets get to the science bit and explain how it works!

Sub ohm vaping uses the principles of Ohm's law. Sub ohm atomiser coils work at a lower level of resistance, less than one ohm, compared to the standard coils that work at between 1.2 and 2.4 ohms.

Using a coil that measures 1 ohm or less means that your coil will decrease your resistance (ohms) and this action then in turn increases the power output of mechanical mods and fixed voltage devices. Lowering the resistance will increase the amperage your device uses to supply the current that it needs. This action makes your battery and coil work harder than with normal vaping and generates more heat to the unit. You have to have the correct voltage battery for this to be safe. Your battery should  be 30 watts or more, so that it can cope with the power drain easily and without the risk of your coil and battery overheating.

Technology has advanced quickly over the last few years and we now have great new digital battery designs that come loaded with super safety features to stop any discharge problems from happening and constantly monitor what is happening to your battery and coil while you vape.





If you get the correct mix of sub ohm vaping kit then you will be able to make more vapour. Lots lots more vapour! And your cloud chasing experience will begin!

Different sub ohm vaping atomisers currently available include:
Aspire: Atlantis
Kanga: Sub tank nano Kanga: Sub tank mini Kanga: Sub tank
Eleaf Lemo 2
If you do decided to give sub ohm vaping a try then we have put together some top tips to produce the best cloud possible.





Top tips for a great cloud!

1) High V.G liquid. Using a very high V.G based liquid will give you a much thicker creamy looking cloud

2) Low ohms, 0.3 ohms or less will give you a really big vapour cloud

3) Ohms meter. Using an ohms meter will help you stay safe and keep your ohms and watts at a safe level. This feature is now included in many batteries.

4) Deep long lung hits. Little throat hits will not produce a great cloud. You have to change the way you vape to get a big cloud so take a mammoth drag and if you try and fill your lungs down to your boots then you should get some great results!

5) Low nicotine liquid. You will need to use a much lower nicotine level liquid to stop your self from going a little dizzy. Many vapers when cloud chasing choose a zero level nic liquid to stop this problem. They then go back to their usual level with normal vaping.

6) Monitor the voltage and the voltage drop of your devise to keep you safe, many of the bigger digital box mods have this as an inbuilt feature.


Just a quick word about safety. This use to be the biggest problem for a cloud chaser as everything from the coil to the tank to the battery use to have to be built or put together by yourself and a huge amount of time was needed to get all the science stuff within their safe levels of use.

Now we have great tanks such as the Aspire Atlantis, Kanga Sub tank Mini or the Eleaf Lemo 2 and batteries that have digital displays, circuit protection and automatically cut out if the temperature of your device exceeds 70 degrees C. All removing the worry of an explosion or overheating.

Now cloud chasing newbie vapers just need to make sure they are using the correct battery size, which is 30 watts or higher, so they don't run the risk of their device suffering from short circuit problems. These can be very dangerous as they can cause your battery to discharge at such a fast rate that it is unable to vent correctly, which can cause overheating and it could also potentially explode!

Don't try and vape with a lower wattage battery that cannot cope with the demands your coil puts on it as your coil will demand more power from your battery and get much hotter than a standard coil when vaping sub ohm.

Now all the safety stuff is out of the way, please have fun chasing the cloud.

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Is Nicotine Harmful ?

Everybody knows that smoking is one of the most dangerous things that a person can do. Smoking related diseases include lung cancer and increased risk of heart disease, strokes and many other forms or respiratory ailments, cancers and peripheral vascular diseases. What is less well known is that the active stimulant in cigarettes and other tobacco products, nicotine, is not the cause of any of these ailments. Indeed, it is actually the many other chemicals to be found in cigarettes that are the true culprits to some of the ailments.

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Is Vaping safe?

In recent years, the western world faced a considerable crackdown on the social acceptability of smoking cigarettes in public places such as the office, bars and clubs.

The drive to convince people to quit and to reduce tolerance for it in general stemmed from one thing alone, the health consequences of smoking were severe and for those countries with nationalised health services, expensive - too expensive.

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Vaping Side effects

Giving up cigarettes can be difficult for the best of us given the addictive qualities of the combination of nicotine and the behaviours associated with smoking, but now with Vaping Liquid products, it’s easier than ever to begin quitting for good. A recent study from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) found that the e-cigarettes using liquid vapours are in fact less harmful than conventional cigarettes, and concludes that health professionals should recommend them for smokers wanting to take the first steps to quitting.

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Comparing Atomisers

Here is a short video on comparing atomisers so you know your choosing the right one.

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No pain, no gain? Not with vaping!

Hundreds of thousands of people are switching to vaping – the easy way to quit smoking without the traumas usually associated with it.

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