• No pain, no gain? Not with vaping!

    Hundreds of thousands of people are switching to vaping – the easy way to quit smoking without the traumas usually associated with it. Providing some immediate benefits to the user, it can be seen as a ‘clean’ alternative to smoking and a way forward to battling the health crisis individuals of all ages currently face when smoking traditional based cigarettes.

    Vaping allows the user to experience a new form of inhalation but with massive added benefits such as no withdrawal symptoms, a rejuvenated sense of smell, no tobacco fumes on your clothes and hair and no more yellow, nicotine stained fingers. The ‘vaping’ revolution has also allowed the creation of some amazing flavours for the user to try ranging from fruit flavours to the less traditional ‘Red Bull’ or ‘Dr Pepper’ vaping liquid.

    The launch of Vaping Liquid, has allowed this new revolution to be taken to the next level. With a shop based in Cambridge and the online launch of Vapingliquid.com both avenues seem to be growing in popularity day by day. Providing a great range of accessories and kits to get you started, it will enable traditional based smokers to make the switch and feel the benefits almost immediately.

    Vapingliquid.com has allowed customers to get great tasting vaping liquids at a flexible time to suit them, and at great prices: ‘It’s great that I can now order these items online, and I have found that as one of the first customers of Vaping Liquid, it has been a simple process from start to finish, with easy access customer service. When my kit arrived, I was very pleased with the high standard of the equipment and loved the fruity flavours of the liquid.’ Trevor Simons, York

    With atomisers coming in a wide range of colours and over 35 different e-liquid flavours in varying strengths, you can see that the site has a huge offering to new and existing customers wishing to make the switch from cigarettes to vaping.

    To celebrate the launch of the website, we are offering a discount code for the first 72 hours enabling customers to really take advantage of the new shop and buy their liquids and equipment at even more competitive pricing. Valid from 9am Wednesday 28th May 2014 and expiring at 9am Saturday 31st May 2014, customers just need to use ERTYU when paying to receive a 10% discount on their entire shopping basket (please note shipping is excluded).


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