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    Do ecigs have side effects ?

    Giving up cigarettes can be difficult for the best of us given the addictive qualities of the combination of nicotine and the behaviours associated with smoking, but now with Vaping Liquid products, it’s easier than ever to begin quitting for good. A recent study from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) found that the e-cigarettes using liquid vapours are in fact less harmful than conventional cigarettes, and concludes that health professionals should recommend them for smokers wanting to take the first steps to quitting.

    However, there are still a lot of naysayers giving vaping liquids a hard time. Press coverage of e-cigarettes, vapour liquids and their side effects can be rather negative; sifting through online articles and newspapers can often find stories of bad side effects and doctors’ comments on using these products. However, like every tale there are two sides to this story - many articles place emphasis on the side effects whilst failing to explain why these side effects come about.

    The first thing to remember is this: like everyone quitting smoking you have to deal with side effects. It’s a natural part of quitting anything you put into your body, and to argue that there are no side effects whatsoever would be foolish. With Vaping Liquid, your body is reacting to a lack of carcinogens and tobacco, so it’s fine to feel side effects from time to time. Below is a list of reported side effects from users of e-cigarettes in particular - however, all have a simple explanation rather than being directly linked to using e-cigarettes:

    Known Vaping Side effects

    + Some users report having a dry mouth when using vaping as a method of smoking cessation; this might also affect their skin and cause irritation across their arms and legs. Itchiness has also been reported but remember that these can be signs of your body is in the midst of a detox.

    + Some people find themselves suddenly sensitive to caffeine and similar drugs; people who have drank plenty of coffee over the years might suddenly lose the metabolism they have built up towards it and might suffer from side effects after drinking. As your body is constantly adapting to your new smoke free state, it is logical to assume that your body’s reaction to other chemicals and substances might change as easily as it does to a lack of cigarettes.

    + Although some users report coughing up tar once beginning to use e-cigarettes over conventional ones, this side effect is merely the lungs clearing themselves of all of the carcinogens previously lining them.

    + Whilst headaches and hiccups can be irritating, they are often a sign that you have inhaled too much nicotine at once. Remember that Vaping Liquid products are far more concentrated in nicotine compared to conventional cigarettes, so perhaps it’s worth having a small break and lowering the amount of liquid you use.

    + Many people mention muscle aches when using e-cigarettes, and this is linked to how the substances use are converted within the body. This side effect is associated with the use of PG (Propylene glycol) - the body converts it to lactic acid and stores the excess acid in the muscles, causing aches. Drink plenty of water to stop a build up of lactic acid in the muscles.

    The problem is how these side effects are linked to e-cigarettes and vaping as a whole by the general population. Whilst many users link these side effects to their use of e-cigarettes, many of these are actually associated with ending the use of conventional cigarettes. From the moment you stop smoking normal cigarettes your body gets to work reversing the damage; within twelve hours of quitting smoking, the levels of both oxygen and carbon dioxide in your blood go back to their regular levels. With such a radical change happening in your body over just a few hours, it’s normal to have side effects even if you begin to use Vaping Liquid products as a replacement.

    Sometimes, these side effects are a reaction to the type of liquid used in vapour cigarettes; there are two types of liquid used in manufacture. Whilst some companies offer PG-based products (Propylene glycol), others use VG (Vegetable glycerine) in theirs; each type offers its own advantages and disadvantages, but due to their chemical makeups being so different the body can react in different ways to these products. Many smokers choose PG products as it simulates the smoking experience as closely as possible, but we at Vaping Liquid offer both types throughout our range. If your body isn’t agreeing with PG, perhaps it’s worth changing to a VG-based vapour with the same flavour.

    Many of these solutions are not even linked to a change in smoking habits, but may in fact be connected to other lifestyle choices. Caffeine, alcohol and substances like that are all still going in your system, meaning that your body is reacting to those more noticeably than before. Perhaps then, giving up smoking can be the start of a new regime for you; it might kick start a series of changes to improve every aspect of your new life as someone wanting to quit for good.

    For the majority of these side effects, treatment is easy to find - using skin cream and moisturiser can help deal with irritation, whilst a dry mouth can be helped by upping your water intake slightly by drinking extra glasses of water. Many of these treatments just seem like common sense - but actually, this can all contribute to keeping your body healthier for the long term. After months or perhaps years of smoking, your body has a lot of repairs to make and you should do everything you can to help it.

    At the end of it all, there is one person who knows your body well, and that’s you. You are consciously aware of what is normal for you and what seems to be unsure. As with any smoking cessation program, it would be best to consult your doctor before any change, and report any unusual side effects to them as part of your plan to stop smoking. However, there are certainly worse ways to begin to quit and Vaping Liquid products could be the solution you’re looking for until the big break comes around at last.

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