• What is sub ohm vaping

    Vape sub ohm for huge clouds

    Sub ohm vaping is the term used for vapers who use sub ohm resistance coils in their tanks to produce huge plumes of vapour. It has been given the term 'cloud chasing' and has become quite a controversial topic with vapers, as some get a huge kick out of making enormous amounts of vapour and their motto is the bigger the cloud the better the vape, while others just don't see the point in it!

    It used to be for the more advanced vaper as sub ohm vaping mods were needed and a small amount of science when using RBA's ( Rebuild-able atomisers) to produce these big vapour clouds.

    To achieve this cloud in the past, you had to be into RBA's (Rebuild able atomisers) or RDA's (Rebuild-able drip atomisers) attached to very big batteries or mechanical mods, all of which needed a level of skill and experience to use correctly and safely to achieve the best vapour cloud possible.

    Now the vaping market is being flooded with a new wave of sub ohm vaping tanks. These tanks are designed for the less advanced sub ohm vaper and have been made to make it easier and safer to experience the bigger vape. They also cut out the need to build your own coils if you don't wish too, but still wish to chase the cloud!

    Lets get to the science bit and explain how it works!

    Sub ohm vaping uses the principles of Ohm's law. Sub ohm atomiser coils work at a lower level of resistance, less than one ohm, compared to the standard coils that work at between 1.2 and 2.4 ohms.

    Using a coil that measures 1 ohm or less means that your coil will decrease your resistance (ohms) and this action then in turn increases the power output of mechanical mods and fixed voltage devices. Lowering the resistance will increase the amperage your device uses to supply the current that it needs. This action makes your battery and coil work harder than with normal vaping and generates more heat to the unit. You have to have the correct voltage battery for this to be safe. Your battery should  be 30 watts or more, so that it can cope with the power drain easily and without the risk of your coil and battery overheating.

    Technology has advanced quickly over the last few years and we now have great new digital battery designs that come loaded with super safety features to stop any discharge problems from happening and constantly monitor what is happening to your battery and coil while you vape.





    If you get the correct mix of sub ohm vaping kit then you will be able to make more vapour. Lots lots more vapour! And your cloud chasing experience will begin!

    Different sub ohm vaping atomisers currently available include:
    Aspire: Atlantis
    Kanga: Sub tank nano Kanga: Sub tank mini Kanga: Sub tank
    Eleaf Lemo 2
    If you do decided to give sub ohm vaping a try then we have put together some top tips to produce the best cloud possible.





    Top tips for a great cloud!

    1) High V.G liquid. Using a very high V.G based liquid will give you a much thicker creamy looking cloud

    2) Low ohms, 0.3 ohms or less will give you a really big vapour cloud

    3) Ohms meter. Using an ohms meter will help you stay safe and keep your ohms and watts at a safe level. This feature is now included in many batteries.

    4) Deep long lung hits. Little throat hits will not produce a great cloud. You have to change the way you vape to get a big cloud so take a mammoth drag and if you try and fill your lungs down to your boots then you should get some great results!

    5) Low nicotine liquid. You will need to use a much lower nicotine level liquid to stop your self from going a little dizzy. Many vapers when cloud chasing choose a zero level nic liquid to stop this problem. They then go back to their usual level with normal vaping.

    6) Monitor the voltage and the voltage drop of your devise to keep you safe, many of the bigger digital box mods have this as an inbuilt feature.


    Just a quick word about safety. This use to be the biggest problem for a cloud chaser as everything from the coil to the tank to the battery use to have to be built or put together by yourself and a huge amount of time was needed to get all the science stuff within their safe levels of use.

    Now we have great tanks such as the Aspire Atlantis, Kanga Sub tank Mini or the Eleaf Lemo 2 and batteries that have digital displays, circuit protection and automatically cut out if the temperature of your device exceeds 70 degrees C. All removing the worry of an explosion or overheating.

    Now cloud chasing newbie vapers just need to make sure they are using the correct battery size, which is 30 watts or higher, so they don't run the risk of their device suffering from short circuit problems. These can be very dangerous as they can cause your battery to discharge at such a fast rate that it is unable to vent correctly, which can cause overheating and it could also potentially explode!

    Don't try and vape with a lower wattage battery that cannot cope with the demands your coil puts on it as your coil will demand more power from your battery and get much hotter than a standard coil when vaping sub ohm.

    Now all the safety stuff is out of the way, please have fun chasing the cloud.

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