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    With the huge rise in popularity of electronic cigarettes and vaporizer devices it can be difficult for any new vaping starter to understand. In this article we are going to take a look at portable vaporizers or vape pen for short.

    Vaporizer pen

    Herbal vaporizers have become the new craze with our cousins across the pond in America. No doubt due to the legalisation of medical marijuana across many states and the DE criminalisation for recreational use in many neighbouring states.

    As we all now combustion of tobacco to obtain a nicotine fix is definitely not the way to go if you want to preserve your health. Combustion or burning the leaf also produces the nasty chemicals we are all trying to avoid like tar and carbon monoxide.

    However both tobacco and the green stuff have an optimum temperature where the natural chemical such as nicotine in the case of tobacco or THC in marijuana can be release without the nasty side effects produced by tar and carbon monoxide.

    The herbal vaporizer pen uses far less bud and produces a greater sensation when compared to the roll your own style or bong use.

    Therefore using a vaping device gives you far more bang for your buck and is a much healthier alternative.

    There are literally hundreds of companies now producing these types of devices some of the more popular vaporizers like the volcano pax atmos or snoop dog have been around for quite a while .Yet in the UK the popularity has been slow to take off .

    Now that the initial wave of the early expensive devices has passed the are some great models available at reasonable prices but beware some cheap sub £30 device do not vaporizer the herb,they simply have a heating coil the will burn your herbs in exactly the same way as any standard combustion with a flame will .

    Buyer beware make sure you are buying a proper vaping device that is capable of reaching at least 300f without burning for the best possible experience.



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