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    There's been lots of interesting vaping news emerging over the past week, including talk of increased research into the use of electronic cigarettes as smoking cessation aids. At Vaping Liquid we think this can only be a good thing for the vape industry; the better understanding we all have of e-cigs, the more they can be used to help people to successfully quit tobacco. Read on to learn more:

    Cancer Research UK has big plans for e-cig research

    Cancer Research UK recently published a new blog [http://scienceblog.cancerresearchuk.org/2015/08/11/e-cigarettes-answering-the-burning-questions/] in which they discussed their plans to invest in research into electronic cigarettes and vaping. The charity have already praised the way in which e-cigs can help people quit tobacco and reduce their risk of cancer, but their dedication to research into electronic cigarettes is a really positive step towards a greater acceptance of vaping.

    The charity aims to explore not only the long-term effects of vaping on our health, but also the way in which e-cigs effect our behaviour when attempting to quit smoking. Although there's plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that vaping helps people to quit tobacco, there is currently very little scientific research to back this up. Cancer Research UK understand that with legislative decisions on e-cigs looming, it's critical to gather statistics now on the merits of vaping, so that electronic cigarettes can remain a viable option for those who want to give up tobacco.

    Over the coming years, Cancer Research UK plan to invest in research in the following areas:

    - Drivers - the external factors which affect behaviour and perceptions on e-cigs.
    - Perceptions - the psychological factors which affect the use of e-cigs.
    - Behaviours - the patterns of use of both e-cigs and tobacco use, including the effectiveness of vaping when quitting cigarettes.
    - Mechanisms - the biological effects of vaping, including investigation into device types and juice types.
    - Outcomes - the long term effects of e-cig use.

    We imagine that both the vaping community and healthcare professionals will benefit from having a greater understanding of all these factors and look forward to hearing more about Cancer Research UK's studies over the coming years.

    Derby's first vaping cafe bar opens

    A new specialist vaping cafe bar has opened in Derby, to the delight of many electronic cigarette users in the city. Although not the first of its kind to open in the UK (there are already similar vaping cafes dotted around the country), it is the first to open in the Midlands, a landmark which the cafe's owners, brothers Blake and Mark, are incredibly proud of. The cafe, called Vapey Jacks Vape Lounge and Bottle Bar, isn't just a venue for vaping; it sells and repairs electronic cigarettes and has its own brand of craft beers and coffee on offer.

    It's fantastic to see increasing numbers of vaping bars such as this one cropping up around the UK. Although it's legal to use electronic cigarettes in public places, many pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants ban them from being used indoors, which is making it difficult for vapers to find establishments which do not force them to vape outdoors. With more e-cig-friendly establishments opening across the country we hope that vaping will become more acceptable in public places as people realise that it is an excellent alternative to normal cigarettes.

    Furthermore, we hope it will help to bring vaping communities closer together. Currently it is incredibly difficult for fellow vapers to meet in public for some cloud chasing and discussions about mods, sub ohm devices and e-liquids, but with the rise of vaping cafes we may see some exciting cloud chasing competitions in the UK in years to come.

    Crackdown needed on cannabis flavoured juice in Malaysia

    Key figures in the Malaysian vaping industry have said that a crackdown on cannabis flavoured e-cig juice is essential if the industry is not to be given a bad name. It is becoming an increasingly common problem that vaporisers are being used for drugs and as a result the Bukit Aman Narcotics Criminal Investigation Department has formed a task force to investigate the sale and use of cannabis flavoured liquids.

    Although it is unlikely that these cheap e-liquid flavours contain the real drug or cause any kind of intoxication, the industry does not want to be seen to be promoting drug use in any way. Malaysia has the second largest vape industry in the world after the United States, however it is notoriously unregulated. It is hoped that by preventing the sale of cannabis flavoured juice and the use of drugs with vaporisers, the industry's reputation will begin to improve and the general public will see the benefits of vaping.

    E-cigs could reduce need for NHS smoking support programmes

    There has been a significant decline in the number of people using NHS support services to help them quit smoking, and the change has been attributed to the rise of electronic cigarettes. The number of recorded attempts to quit tobacco with the help of the NHS has reportedly dropped by 13% in recent years, while areas in the south of Scotland have reported that less people than ever before are using their Smoking Matters programme. In just one area where the service has been available, Dumfries and Galloway, only 102 people used the service successfully; a staggering 251 less than the area's target.

    Dr Andrew Carnon, a Public Health Consultant, has stated that the the popularity of e-cigs could be one reason why less people are turning to the NHS to quit tobacco. With vaporisers so easy to access, people can take steps themselves to give up normal cigarettes without feeling as though they need to visit their GP for help.

    The NHS currently does not have a clear viewpoint on the use of e-cigs, with some health professionals being supportive of their use as a smoking cessation aid, while others remain dubious about the long-term health impacts of vaping. However, Dr Carnon suggested that this is an opportunity for the NHS to conduct more research into e-cigs in order to properly understand the benefits of vaporisers and adapt their smoking support services accordingly

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