• Can you vape at a hospital

    NHS hospital in Chesterfield to relax it’s vaping rules.

    Over the last few months, the NHS has rolled out it’s smoke free policy. This has meant that NHS trusts across the country have introduced a new policy to make all NHS hospitals and grounds tobacco free.

    Over recent months hospitals have embarked on their journey to become smoke free in various ways. Most hospitals now have large signs at their entrances informing patients and visitors that ‘This is a smoke free zone’

    As hospitals are places that should be seen to promote health then they have decided that smoking needs to be reduced and so banning it from hospital grounds will go some way to helping people to quit.

    One quarter of patients that occupy acute beds have, or do smoke, becoming smoke free will reach many thousands of people from a diverse background including the affluent and the poor, the young and the old.

    The NHS has used valuable information provided by national guidance to conclude that they have to become smoke free areas. This will encourage NHS staff, visitors and patients to quit and provide support to many thousands of people who find themselves in hospital or visiting patients who need a small push to go tobacco free.

    While most NHS hospitals across the country have implemented this new policy, Chesterfield Royal NHS have just announced that vaping is to be allowed on site.

    They are going to allow the use of electronic cigarettes on sites that are smoke free in a bid to cut smoking even more.

    Vaping will be allowed outside the hospital building and away from doors and entrances, open windows and courtyards.

    They say they have to recognise the fact that although we don’t know the full implications of vaping as yet, what we do know after gaining information from Derbyshire's Public Health Department and Public Health England reporting that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking, that we have to use this information in a positive manner.

    Nursing lead for policy change at Chesterfield Royal, Sally Chadwick said “We’ve approached this from a smoking cessation point of view. Whilst the Trust would not encourage vaping as such, given its success in helping people to stop smoking, we are happy to allow it on site for those patients who are using vaping to help them give up cigarettes. The guidance we have had from Public Health England is that it presents a much lower health risk than smoking and is proving useful to help smokers give up cigarettes. So, as long as it is done outside and away from doors and windows, we will now permit their use on site. “Helping people to quit smoking is a major part of the national and local health agenda and there is a portion of the recently published NHS Long Term Plan that is devoted to prevention, of which smoking cessation will play a major part. We are playing our part in following national guidelines to implement this plan as part of the collective drive towards promoting healthier lifestyle choices.”

    “E-cigarettes are just one way that people can substitute the harmful effects of smoking. Other nicotine replacement therapies available on our inpatient wards include nicotine patches and we can also make referrals to our local stop smoking service who give ongoing help to patients who wish to give up smoking.”

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