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Heat sticks vs Vaping

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As the vape industry gets to grips with the changes the imminent Tobacco Products Directive will cause when it comes into force of 20th May of this year there are also other big electronic cigarette news stories coming out daily which may affect the way in which we vape in years to come.

British American Tobacco create second biggest tobacco company with $50 billion takeover.

Firstly, British American Tobacco has just landed a $50 billion deal to merge with Reynolds an American tobacco company, forming the world’s largest tobacco company to date.

British American Tobacco has over 200 brands including, Dunhill, Rothmans, Lucky Strike, Benson and Hedges and Kent which will now play alongside Reynolds big brands which include Newport, Camel and Pall Mall.

Reynolds successfully took over Lorillard in a $25 billion dollar deal last year. The combined company after being forced to sell off a number of brands was then purchased by Britain’s Imperial Tobacco for $7.1 billion.

The BAT press office has tweeted that it’s merger will serve to strengthen their power in the tobacco world and create a stronger global tobacco and next generation products business. Their combined company will benefit from strong growth dynamics and a leading presence in key markets.

It will make them the second largest Tobacco Company the first being China National Tobacco Co.

Their combined size and new found force in the electronic cigarette and vape market will no doubt have a huge impact on the vape industry and allow for expansion. Reynolds already has Vuse which is an already popular e cig vape brand.

So after 300 years of the Tobacco industry thinking that smoking would never change what we could now see from the big Tobacco companies is a new wave of realisation that Vaping is here to stay with new devices being offered to the comsumer.

New product could give us a third way to get our nicotine hit!

From the company that has for year produced Marlboro cigarettes we have a new kid on the block.

The new iQOS is somewhere between smoking and vape and could provide a third way of getting that nicotine hit.

Philip Morris International is behind the new device which is a smokeless cigarette and uses a special Tobacco heating system rather than burning to get the nicotine from the Heatsticks that are used inside the device.

Heatsticks look a lot like small cigarettes and come in boxes of 20 for around £8.00. They contain specially processed tobacco material and many filter sections. They have been designed specifically for the iQOS. Heat sticks do not produce ash as they do not burn they only heat to around 350 degrees, once at the correct temperature they give of tobacco vapour and are also soaked in Propylene Glycol which is what is also used in e liquid to give you vapour when you exhale.

PMI is aiming this new device at smokers who are still struggling to quit cigarettes even with the help of vaping, patches, spray’s and gums.

They state that in trials it delivered the same nicotine hit but with 90% less of the toxins inhaled by the user.

The cost of producing the iQOS has been £2.4 billion spread over a 10-year development period and with medical testing already on going in Switzerland they hope to corner a new area of the smoking/vape market.


Whichever way the vape industry big guns go, I’m sure that vaping is here to stay and will continue to evolve and grow as a market whatever the setbacks it may face are in the coming months.


Rory Spurling

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