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    Cannabis Europa 2018

    Cannabis Europa has just taken place at the Barbican in London where Europe’s medical cannabis industry has met for the first time to discuss many items relating to the cannabis industry in Europe including cannabis legalisation in the UK and have spoken about how the law could change to make medical marijuana legal in the UK and across Europe and the rest of the world.

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    The UK is currently one of the biggest producers of medical marijuana producing nearly half of the worlds supply. It is estimated that we produced 95 tonnes of legal cannabis in 2016 and exported at least 2 tonnes to overseas countries.

    The conference has started the ball rolling on getting medical legal cannabis promoted for its health benefits for conditions such as epilepsy and muscular diseases, such as multiple sclerosis.


    MP Crispin Blunt who is chair of the UK APPG on Drug Policy attended the conference and spoke about the change to come in UK law. He stated that he could not find a colleague who does not think that patients should have medicine derived from cannabis.


    The MP spoke about the New York model being the most appropriate for the UK and said that in cases such as that of 7-year-old Alfie Dingley politicians should not sentence him to death.

    Currently in the House of commons Doctors are leading a campaign to get the law changed so that legal cannabis can be lawfully given as a form of medication.

    The Legalisation of medical use cannabis will be seen by many as a first step towards full legalisation.

    Cases such as that of Alfie Dingley highlight many absurdities that surround the law as it currently stands. MPs believe that there should not be a ban on cannabis derived drugs that in the long term would have such huge health benefit to may chronically ill individuals. They believe the ban should be lifted and with the support of many doctors in the commons this only strengthens the positive arguments for a ban to be lifted.

    They wish to look closely at various evidence collected from countries that already allow medicinal marijuana use and then make suggestions and recommendations to the government on changing the law.

    The French health Minister Agnes Buzyn has already opened the debate on legalising cannabis since the first Cannabis Europa. “France is Late” She said she could not say how fast we will move but that she would like to open the debate with the responsible institutions. France currently only have one drug available which contain cannabis.

    Legal and Medical Cannabis is produced for its high levels of CBD rather than THC. The plants are specially bred so that the CBD and other chemical found in them are of a much high quantity and quality than that of THC. Medical cannabis plants are not rich in THC and have been specially selected to give the best cannabinoids which are chemicals unique to the cannabis plant.

    Cannabis plants give many different  cannabinoid chemicals when harvested which is why they are so good at treating varying medical conditions and illnesses.

    They can also be administered in a variety of ways including Vaping CBD vape oils, chewing gums, mixing with foods and drinks or place under the tongue.

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