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TPD EU Regulations and what it means for Vaping Liquid Vapers. customer service department is seeing many more emails asking why we are now ‘sold out’ of many of our 30ml liquids. This has led us to realise that many if not most of our vaping customers still don’t know about the impending TPD EU regulations that came into force last May and take full effect of May 20th this year, so we have written this article for you to get to grips with what the new legislation will mean for you, our customers and how these regulations and restrictions may mean that you will be forced to change your vaping habits or products you purchase.

What is TPD?

TPD stands for Tobacco Products Directive.

Electronic cigarettes can be regulated in 2 ways, firstly under the EU Tobacco Products Directive  

and secondly with licencing as medical products from the MHRA

We have waded through these lengthy pages of legislation and listened to our customers needs to give you a simple easy to read and understand article that will provide you with all the information you need to know about what is about to happen in the vaping world.

The Tobacco Products Directive is not a new legislation as it originally came out in 2001. It’s aim at the time was to reduce smoking in young adults across Europe. Then in 2014 the authorities decide to quietly attempt to add electronic cigarettes to this directive. Classing them as tobacco related products and after many unsuccessful attempts to get e cigs added to this law and almost hiding them in amongst other cigarette related restrictions such as more prominent health warnings, plain packaging and tighter age restrictions, the powers that be finally got there way!

The new revised Tobacco Products Directive came into force on 20th May 2016 and proposed to class e cigarettes as a tobacco related product. The new rules call for changes as to how electronic cigarettes can be manufactured, sold to the consumer, and presented for sale.

Companies where given a year in which to sell old stock that is non TPD compliant and manufactures have had to step through many hoops and spend large amounts of money to get their factories up to speed and to fulfil all that the EU Tobacco Products Directive requires of them.

The main areas of the TPD that will undoubtedly affect Vapers in the UK are:

E liquid maximum nicotine strength 20mg - Nicotine-containing liquid should only be allowed to be placed on the market under this Directive, where the nicotine concentration does not exceed 20 mg/ml. This concentration allows for a delivery of nicotine that is comparable to the permitted dose of nicotine derived from a standard cigarette during the time needed to smoke such a cigarette.

This means that anyone wishing to vape a high nicotine strength e liquid will now be limited to 20mg as a maximum level available. A real blow for heavy smokers wanting to take up vaping to quit their smoking habit and vapers who liked to DIY and mix their own e juice.

Tank size does not exceed 2ml –  In order to limit the risk associated with nicotine, maximum sizes for tanks and cartridges should be set.

This means that many great sub ohm tanks will now become a thing of the past. The choice for sub ohm vaping mods is going to be greatly reduced and the amount of times you are going to have to refill your tank is going to increase enormously.

Refill e liquid bottle size maximum 10ml – In order to limit the risk associated with nicotine, maximum sizes for refill containers should be set.

This means saying good bye to large bottles of e liquid and hello to higher prices and let’s not forget all the extra packaging we are going to get through because of this.

Leak free refilling - Electronic cigarettes and refill containers could create a health risk when in the hands of children. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that such products are child- and tamperproof, including by means of child-proof labelling, fastenings, and opening mechanisms.

Not sure how they are going to control this one as surely filling your tank responsibly and safely is in the hands of the user? Re fill bottles are required to not leak if turned upside down and tanks are also required to not leak

Electronic cigarette devices must deliver a consistent dose of nicotine - Delivery of nicotine doses at consistent levels under normal conditions of use is necessary for health protection, safety, and quality purposes, including to avoid the risk of accidental consumption of high doses.

The style in which people vape differs greatly, some like to take a huge lung full and others take small drags so how this is meant to be implemented, again we are not sure!

Packaging requirements, product approvals and data reporting - Electronic cigarettes and refill containers should be regulated by this Directive, unless they are - due to their presentation or function - subject to Directive 2001/83/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council (2) or to Council Directive 93/42/EEC (3). Diverging legislation and practices as regards these products, including on safety requirements, exist between Member States, hence, action at Union level is required to improve the smooth functioning of the internal market. A high level of public health protection should be taken into account when regulating these products. In order to enable Member States to carry out their surveillance and control tasks, manufacturers and importers of electronic cigarettes and refill containers should be required to submit a notification of the relevant products before they are placed on the market.

This means that all products and every e liquid in every strength available for purchase must be registered before sale. The information required to be submitted to their member state will have to include ingredients lists, detailed emissions data, toxicological data, information on nicotine doses and absorption data, opening and refilling mechanisms and production processes for every single product variation that they wish to sell. Every year data on sales volumes, product types, consumer preferences and surveys must be submitted to member states. This will only increase cost which will ultimately have to be passed on to the consumer making e-cigs less attractive. This will increase the cost of manufacture and cause the retail price to rise. Many of the quality control and safety laws set out by the Tobacco Products Directive have been welcomed by the vaping industry as it will keep consumers much safer.

The future of Vaping is about to change forever!!!

Many companies will no doubt struggle and may not survive the choppy waters ahead, we are all going to have to adapt to the new laws laid down for us and cope with reduced products available to sell and sadly the possible increase in prices that will come with all the extra red tape required but is committed to working through all the hoops that have been put in our way and will continue to deliver the service and high quality products you have come to enjoy and purchase from us over the years.

We are in talks with new and existing suppliers so that after 20th May 2017 we are in a position to be able to offer great flavoured e liquids covering a variety of price ranges and brands.

All our Vape box mods, including the Arc ranges, curve mini and istick 30 W are already TPD compliant as are our budget 100ml E liquid and our High VG Juice.


Charles Marsh

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  • Les Edwards posted on February 03 2017 at 06:02 PM

    Do you know I cannot wait to leave the EU, and their rules and regulation, and get back to our own Rules and Regulation, most Doctors agree that vaporing is a better way to help someone get off the cigarettes, as that’s what they are after, it annoys me that the EU are dictating to us again, the sooner we get out of the EU law and reg’s the better in my view, crack on you are doing a great job