• New Research on Vaping

     How can Vaping help smokers quit?

     New research is about to begin.

    Due to the huge increase in vaping there are now many studies being undertaken to find out all sorts of important information about the device. Many studies are concentrating on what might be the health implications of vaping both in the short term and the long term but the most recent study undertaken by the University of Queensland asks how vaping can help smokers quit.

    They have just begun a 5-year study into vaping being used as a harm reduction strategy and how it works as an aid to quitting cigarettes.

    They wish to get 600 vapers in Australia involved in their survey which will be completed over the next 5-year period and involve completing 3 on line surveys in that time. They will then be able to compare their findings with other countries including the UK, Canada and the USA.

    Dr Coral Gartner, School of Public Health, senior research fellow said “there is need for quality research on vaping which should include factors such as the type of device that is used, knowledge and attitudes about smoking and vaping, and views on how these should be regulated.

    Dr Gartner said she is also interested in the extent to which people vape without nicotine to replace behavioural aspects of smoking, such as inhaling and exhaling a mist, compared to vaping with nicotine to replace the nicotine they previously obtained from cigarettes.

    “We plan to follow participants over the five-year period to allow us to find out how their behaviour changes and how any changes in regulations during that time affect them,” she said.

    Participants need to be aged 18 years or older and currently vaping at least weekly, either with or without nicotine.

    Public health England has just released Its latest figures which show that smoking has dropped to an all-time low and many researchers are saying that it’s because the use of electronic cigarettes is still on the rise.

    Because of the Stoptober campaign there are now twice as many ex-smokers (14.6 million) in England as smokers (7.2 million). Last year the Stoptober campaign engaged with 2.5 million people who wanted to quit cigarettes and out of those, 500,000 people (20 %) managed to give up cigarettes and stay smoke free. Public health England says this result is the highest rate of success we have had so far and is very likely down to the use of electronic cigarette devises.

    Deputy chief medical officer Dr Gina Radford commented “While we know that quitting smoking is not easy, this Stoptober is a perfect time to try again. The best thing a smoker can do for their health is to stop smoking. There is more help and support available now than ever before. The introduction of standardised cigarette packs removes the glamorous branding and brings health warnings to the fore and e-cigarettes, which many smokers find helpful for quitting, are now being regulated to assure their safety and quality.”

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