Tobacco products directive narrows choice for smokers

Vaping News 5th June 2017


After all the changes that recently took place and have been required by the TPD it is great to see that Vaping is here to stay and although we campaigned from the offset to get the TPD stopped due to its strict Vaping rules, it could in fact be saving our NHS Millions of pounds because traditional cigarettes were also highly affected by the TPD ruling.

Traditional smokers found that after midnight on the 19th May 2017 there was many restrictions on their smokes that were also covered by the TPD’s new rules and regulations.

Smokers found that they couldn’t pop into their local shop to purchase their usual 10 packs of cheaper brands of cigarettes and the smaller 30mg pouches of rolling tobacco as they had been banned and removed from sale. Flavoured cigarettes including spiced, herb, vanilla and fruit varieties had also been removed from sale and the traditional smokers who are still currently smoking menthol flavoured cigarettes will have to start thinking about how else they will get their nicotine hit as menthol is also in line for the chop and is to be phased out under the TPD rulings.

The TPD also required the packaging on cigarettes to be made much plainer and carry many health warnings and have increased the price of a packet of 20 cigarettes. Perhaps this will give the current smokers the push they need to try vaping or quit smoking?

Many of the top health officials from Cancer Research UK, Public Health England, and UK Health Forum all agree that many thousands of pounds can be saved by the NHS now that traditional smoking is on the decline.

Half a million people gave up smoking in the UK in 2015 and the UK Health Forum research suggests that “If smoking rates dropped to five per cent in the UK by 2035, the NHS could save £67million” every year.

UK Health Forum chief executive, Professor Paul Lincoln said: “This study highlights the huge burden that smoking places on our society, particularly on the poorest and least advantaged groups. Unless we reduce the demand on the NHS from preventable causes of disease like smoking, it will be difficult to continue to provide sustainable healthcare for everyone who needs it. We hope that by showing the clear benefits of this tobacco free ambition, we can inform tobacco control policy in the UK and even worldwide.”

Cancer Research UK’s director of cancer prevention, Alison Cox said: “Bold and ambitious targets are needed to save the thousands of lives and millions of pounds of NHS money lost to tobacco. We want the next Government to share our ambition for the next generation of children to grow up ‘tobacco-free’.”

The health benefits to our countries people will also be huge as it is estimated that 100,000 new cases of smoking-related disease including 35,900 cancers over 20 years could be avoided completely.


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Happy Vaping Guys!

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