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    Vaping rooms needed in the work place
    August 2016
    3 weeks ago we bought you news about Vaping in public and how many health officials had come together to state that putting a ban on the use of e cigs in public places could be ‘damaging’ and reduce your chances of quitting smoking for good.

    Public health England then went on to publish vaping in the workplace information designed to give businesses a 5 point guide to policy making to make it easier to give Vapers the ‘smoke free’ space they need to vape and to encourage them to stay smoke free in the work place.

    They also acknowledged that the use of electronic cigarettes is becoming the most popular way to quit smoking and would like to see a tobacco free generation by 2025!

    Following on from this news there is now a push by health professionals to make designated ‘vaping rooms’ available to use while vapers are at work. These rooms would stop the need for vapers to be made to use the same areas designated for smokers.

    Public health England suggests that bosses should make a room free for vapers to use so they can vape in a smoke free environment and also be allowed to take smaller more frequent breaks.

    This is due to the nicotine amount inhaled while using an electronic cigarette device being of a smaller quantity than that inhaled from a regular cigarette, this means that vapers would need to have smaller more frequent breaks to keep their nicotine levels ‘topped up’.

    A smoker, smoking a cigarette can reach the desired nicotine levels he needs to stop cravings for about an hour.

    A vaper using an electronic cigarette regularly over a period of time can maintain the nicotine level required to stop themselves from getting ‘cravings’ but they have to be used frequently for this to be sustained as vaping provides a generally lower blood nicotine level and takes longer to reach the desired level thus requiring more frequent use.

    Public health England have suggested the use of an indoor room being preferable to vaping outside because making people smoke outside, they feel has increased smoking’s public visibility to young people and children and although they acknowledge the fact that vaping is 95% better for you than smoking they still don’t want to be seem as promoting any form of nicotine dependency.

    In their workplace framework advice guide they acknowledge there is a distinct difference between vaping and smoking and the use of ‘smoking’ terminology when referring to vaping needs to stop as it can confuse many people.

    What we need now is to allow Vapers to use e cigs in the work place, away from a smoking environment that could harm them due to passive smoking and to guard against the potential uptake of vaping by children and the young.

    Vaping rooms would also support smokers while they quit and encourage them to stay smoke free and also comply with smoke free law and policy.

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