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    Last month the Barbican in London hosted Cannabis Europa, where the medical cannabis community met for the first time to discuss all things relating to the cannabis industry.

    One of the main topics of conversation was how the law in the UK could be changed as well as in Europe to make medical marijuana a legal substance in Europe and across the UK.  

    During the expo in May the French health minister was forced to admit that “France is late” in beginning the process of legalising medical cannabis products.

    Well it looks like they are now at the forefront of the medical marijuana debate as 2 ‘coffee shops’ have just opened in Paris.

    The french health authority are keeping things neutral however by stating “no therapeutic benefit may be claimed by the makers or vendors or any product containing CBD”  and President Emmanuel Macron’s LREM party, who visited last week have told the press that authorities were “closely watching its activities”.

    It seems however that the french public have given this a positive response as there where large queues that formed in the streets outside the newly opened shop with customers all wishing to try the products inside.

    French law now allows the sale of cannabis as long as it contains THC which has a level less than 0.2%. THC is the chemical found in cannabis which gets you ‘high’ but with the new french laws only allowing cannabis to be sold with a THC level of only 0.2% the effects this may have on you are very minimal.

    The positive is that the CBD levels of this cannabis will not be changed and will be high enough to potentially help with many ailments such as muscle and joint pains, anxiety, diabetes, and chronic pain conditions.

    Something similar has also happened in the UK where a couple from Lancaster have set up a CDB oil selling coffee shop. The Dam good coffee shop was opened earlier this month and offers cakes and coffees but with a twist! If you wish you can also add a ‘shot’ of CBD in the form of an oil or a spray to your order.

    The shop which is a member of the Hemp Trade Association was set up after one of the owners found CBD oils helped her cope with her illness. The standard medications she was talking where making her ill so after some research she gave CBD a go and found it worked.

    All the products they use are from accredited suppliers.

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