Will Brexit effect electronic cigarettes and the TPD

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Here at Vaping Liquid.com we thought it was about time we gave you an easy to read weekly Vaping News article designed to keep you up to date with what is happening in the Vaping World.

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So to begin our Weekly Vaping News update we have to start with the EU referendum and what it will mean to Vapers in the UK.

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Since the UK voted on the 23rd  June to leave the EU we here at Vaping Liquid.com are keeping a close eye on what is now going to happen in regards to the EU TPD and what this will mean for us and our customers

The 20th May 2016 marked the day where all Vaping retailers where given a year to sell current stock that didn’t conform to the EU Tobacco Products Directive. This meant that 30ml or larger e liquid bottles where going to be banned and 10ml e liquid bottles where going to be the maximum size we would be allowed to sell along with smaller tanks. BUT now we have voted to leave the EU, will we still need to conform to these rules set out by the TPD?,or once we have left will our government  listen to the voice of the Vaper and allow us to once again take back some control on what we can and cannot sell?

The answer right now is we will just have to wait and see, however, there is currently a key date to circle in your diary and that is the 4th July when Lord Callanan will lead a major debate on Vaping in the House of Lords. Let’s hope that this will start the ball rolling and that 2.8 million Vapers will finally get their voice heard and that many restrictions planned for Vaping will be quashed.

We will of course keep you updated on what happens next ....

Vaping News – Health

Don’t ban vaping in public.

Many heath officials are now saying that putting a ban on vaping in public could be ‘damaging’ and reduce your chances of quitting smoking.

Belfast hosted the British medical associations annual meeting where they called for the use of electronic cigarette to be restricted in public places. Public Health England (PHE) have argued this case saying that stopping people from vaping in public places may stop smokers from switching to vaping as they would still have to use designated smoking areas to vape.

Director of drugs, alcohol and tobacco at PHE, Rosanna O’Connor said: "Vaping is not the same as smoking, second-hand smoke is harmful to health but there is no evidence that e-cigarette vapour carries the same harms. "In fact a ban on using e-cigarettes in public places could be damaging, as it may put off smokers from using e-cigarettes to help them quit. "

A consultant in public health, from Glasgow, Dr Iain Kennedy has called for restrictions on places where e-cigarettes can be used in public, he argues that we don’t yet know the affects of passive vaping especially in confined areas such as bars, restaurants ect. He added: “What we don't know yet is what the precise mechanisms of that are, what long-term harm there is. This is cutting edge research, with findings being published at the moment.”

He did however also add that "Electronic cigarettes are undoubtedly safer than cigarettes but that does not mean they are completely 100% safe. "It is a precautionary measure - until we do the studies and have a better idea of what the risks may or may not be, we should restrict their use in public places."

Did you know your saving £££

Ever wondered just how much you are saving now you have turned to Electronic cigarettes. Here are some interesting facts for you:

The average Vaper saves a whopping £1250.00 a year over smoking cigarettes

This means that the average Vaper will have cut down on their cigarette intake by an average of 17 to 9 cigarettes per day which is 146 packets or 2920 cigarettes per year.

That’s the equivalent to 8.3 million cigarettes per year.


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