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  • Closing Down Sale Half price sale

    Closing Down sale - Due to various reasons we have take the difficult decision to cease trading at the end of October 2021.

    We want to send a massive thank you to all our loyal customers who have stayed with us through many years of trading. This decision has not been taken lightly but it is now the right time to move onto projects new.

    We wish you all well for a brighter future. 

    Once again Thank You from your Vaping Liquid team.

  • Flavoured E cigarettes take a hit with FDA new policy

    United States Food and Drug Administration takes further drastic steps to curb its teen vaping

    The Food and Drug administration in the US has just issued new guidance to change how vaping products are marketed which could make various vaping products more difficult to get hold of than standard cigarettes for teens.

    Publishing a new policy online “Modifications to Compliance Policy for Certain Deemed Tobacco Products”. The document gives guidance details for retailers for premarket requirements for “certain deemed tobacco products” and lays out the way in which it will allow vape products to be authorised for sale.

    The FDA describes in this new policy how they intend to “prioritise our enforcement resources with regard to the marketing of certain deemed tobacco products that do not have pre-market authorisation.”

    They hope that by issuing this new policy it will begin to cut the number of teenagers who vape across the US, but pro vaping groups worry that for the teens that are going to smoke or vape one way or another it will just make them return to smoking instead of vaping.

    The exact proposals that this new policy underlines are that the FDA wishes to “prioritise its enforcement of flavoured Electronic devices or liquids only allowing tobacco flavoured, menthol flavoured and mint flavoured ENDS products for:

    • Products sold in locations that minors are able to enter at any time  – so that would include all regular shops, convenience stores, gas stations etc;
    • Products sold through retail establishments and online retail locations that have sold to minors after issuance of the guidance
    • Products sold online with no limit on the quantity that a customer may purchase within a given period of time; or
    • Products sold online without independent, third-party age- and identity-verification services that compare customer information against third-party data sources, such as public records.

    The FDA hope that by only allowing the 3 flavours of eliquids, E juices, that would be able to be purchased in cigarette form that US teens will not find vaping them as attractive as perhaps a strawberry or cherry cola flavour e juice.

    Pro vaping groups are concerned that this will begin a new trend of smoking teens just when smoking figures are at an all time low and the many Public Health groups across the world still stand firm on vaping being 95% safer than smoking regular cigarettes.

  • I want to quit smoking

    National No Smoking Day - March the 13th 2019

    This years National No Smoking day falls on the 13th March. The concept of a no smoking day was conceived to help and support smokers who decide they want to quit traditional cigarettes. It was given a regular designated day in the United Kingdom on Ash Wednesday in March 1984.

    Various themes have been used over the years to promote the stop smoking campaign, in 2010 the theme was “break free” where smokers were encouraged to break free from the chain’s they were bound by that smoking cigarettes caused them and last years theme to help smokers quit came with the hashtag #TellUsYourWay encouraging ex smokers to tell their quit smoking stories which they hoped would give current smokers the push and encouragement they needed when giving up became a struggle.

    The British Heart Foundation now plays a big part in National No Smoking day along with the NHS as various studies they have conducted over the last few years show that cigarettes double the chance of suffering a heart attack due to smoking. Cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and  coronary heart disease are also greatly increased if you smoke.

    Other health issues have been linked to smoking, these include:

    High blood pressure, caused because the nicotine your body receives when smoking increases your adrenaline levels which in turn increases your blood pressure making your heart rate higher.

    Angina, caused because of a build up of fatty materials in your arteries. This causes a narrowing of the arteries which can cause angina.

    Reduced oxygen levels, The carbon monoxide you inhale from smoking cigarettes reduces the oxygen levels in your blood, which in turn makes your heart pump harder.

    Blood clots, Your blood is more likely to become thicker and this can cause clots to form.

    Once you have decided to quit, the NHS and The British Heart Foundation offer various ways to help and support you during this time. They both have smoking support helplines that you can call if you need too. You can also get help online and download their stop smoking booklet for extra support.

    They encourage the use of the various forms of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) that are available either on prescription or over the counter from chemists or vaping shops. The choice of which form of NRT you choose to use to help you quit is very much an individual one.

    Nicotine replacement patches - These are sticky patches that you stick to your upper arm and they release a steady controlled amount of nicotine into your bloodstream helping to control cravings.

    Nasal or mouth sprays - these give you a hit of nicotine when sprayed into the mouth or up your nose. You control how often you use them, depending on how heavy a smoker you where.

    Chewing Gums - these release nicotine while chewing and are good if you miss cigarettes in your mouth.

    Inhalators - These look like plastic cigarettes, when you inhale from these they deliver the nicotine you crave but no other chemicals associated with cigarettes.

    Vaping - This form of NRT delivers nicotine to you through an electronic cigarette device, while vaping it produces vapour and this contains the nicotine you require to stop cravings. It has now been accepted by the NHS as a good form of NRT which mimics smoking traits more closely than other forms available and comes in various styles. You vape a liquid called e liquid that you fill your device with and this comes in various strengths and flavours.

    How you choose to quit smoking traditional cigarettes is a personal choice but having all the facts to begin with can help in your decision that will help you the best. You can find more information available here:

    You can also find more information regarding this years National No Smoking day here:

  • Can you vape in the UAE

    Can you vape in the UAE

    United Arab Emirates to allow the sale of vaping products.

    Vaping in the UAE has held a very grey area, some people saying its ok and others saying it could hold a criminal charge, thankfully now with the laws changing and the lifting of its retail ban on electronic cigarettes you are going to be able to purchase and vape electronic cigarette devises and e liquids in the UAE. This will take affect from April 2019.

    On Sunday The Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology lifted their retail ban on vaping devices and e liquids allowing manufacturers and retailers to stock and sell electronic cigarettes as long as they all carry health warnings very similar to traditional cigarette warnings and meet the various new purchase standards they have set out.

    The new purchase standards known as UAE.S 5030 will allow the sale of electronic cigarettes, electronic shisha devices, electronic pipes and include e liquid bottles and refills.

    The move to lift the ban is due to the increase in counterfeit devices and e juices being purchased through unregulated online websites and businesses thus enabling people who live in the UAE to vape safely. The increase in counterfeit devices has been on the rise as people who vape have had no other choice but to purchase from unregulated sites and shops.

    UAE vapers are looking forward to finally being able to purchase genuine regulated vaping products from legitimate retailers, giving them the peace of mind that what they purchase and vape is of a high quality.

    Doctors across the UAE are still unsure whether the move is a good one due to the lack of long term health knowledge known about vaping. Other health authorities across the world have agreed that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes but doctors in the UAE argue that the future health implications are still not know and may not be seen for many years to come.

    They estimate that the first vaping products will be available for sale from April.

    Even though some doctors are unsure the new purchase standards will help the UAE in its tobacco reduction scheme that they have implemented in their National Healthcare agenda.

    The agenda was launched at the  global e-cigarette summit in Washington DC, where various experts from across the public health sector spoke about their views on how the industry should be developed over the course of the next few years.

    The UAE National Healthcare agenda aims to offer world class healthcare and to be able to reduce tobacco consumption from 21.6 percent to 15.7 percent among men and from 1.9 per cent to 1.66 percent among women by the year 2021.