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  • Can you vape around pets

    Vaping safely around your pets.


    There is always a lot of advice available in regard to vaping near people and children, but what about our 4 legged friends! Are they safe and what can we do to keep them as safe as possible when we give up smoking and choose to begin the vaping journey.

    When Public Health England published their 2015 review they concluded that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking a regular cigarette. They then reviewed this paper earlier this year and in Feb 2018, further findings only led to a backup of the original study, concluding that ‘e-cigarettes are likely to be far less harmful than combustible tobacco cigarettes.’

    This news is great for humans and our household pets too. Any animal that breaths in the air around them could be susceptible to any side affects this may cause, and by switching to Vaping over tobacco cigarettes you are reducing the impact of breathing in second hand smoke, which contains hundreds of dangerous chemicals with the potential to cause lung and heart diseases for your pet.

    So, you have begun your vaping journey and wish to make it as safe as possible for any pets in your home. By following a few simple rules this is easily achieved.

    Store E liquids and vaping devices that you are not using out of reach or in a cupboard away from your pet. E juices now come in child proof bottles, but a sharp animal tooth would easily be able to pierce a hole in the side of a bottle if chewed.

    E liquid containing Nicotine – Consumed by either pet or human, this substance is harmful. E liquid contains glycerol, PG (propylene glycol), flavourings, water and nicotine. It is the nicotine which is harmful when digested but the amount of damage this will do does depending on the strength of your e liquid and the amount ingested. The stronger the MG of nicotine in your e liquid then the more harmful it will be, and a lesser amount will be needed to have a harmful effect.

    If your pet manages to get hold of any amount, then it would be best to take him or her to a vet asap to get checked out.

    E liquid – 0mg – The substances contained in 0mg E liquid are glycerol, PG (propylene glycol), flavourings and water. All these substances can be used in various food stuffs so individually they are not technically harmful. I’m sure however that if your pet or a human consumed a bottle then it may cause them to vomit.

    It would be advisable to again seek the advice of your vet if this happens, especially in a younger animal.

    When you need to charge your vaping devices, do so in a pet free room so that they cannot be accidentally dragged off a top or work surface by the charging cable and never leave them in the same room overnight where your animal also sleeps.

    Vaping produces vapour rather than smoke which is much less harmful to any pet that breathes it in when compared to the smoke that would be inhaled by passive smoking a tobacco cigarette. Ideally you should still exhale vapor away from your pet rather than directly at them. You could also keep a window open so that outside fresh air can get into any room where you are vaping when your pet is present.

    If vaping in the car, then exhale your vapour through an open window, in colder months you can always close it again as you continue your journey and remember to store spare e juices, batteries and tank.

    How to spot the symptoms of nicotine poisoning in your pet.

    If you believe your pet to be unwell and suspect they have consumed any form of nicotine or e juice then you will need to look out for the following symptoms and be quick to act as nicotine poisoning has a very quick onset time. Your pet will be showing signs of consumption within 1 hour of it being ingested. It is not the stomach that absorbs the nicotine but the small intestines in animals, this action will cause your pet to be violently sick, perhaps more than once in a short space of time. Other symptoms are:

    Constricted pupils in the eyes, Body tremors, Seizures, Drooling, Sickness and Diarrhoea, Quickening heartbeat, Excitability.

    If you suspect your pet has ingested any form of nicotine, and this also includes, cigarettes, patches, or gum, then take your pet to your vet immediately. If there is evidence of what your pet has consumed then take this along with you. There your 4 legged friend will be treated by your vet and they should start to see an improvement within 6 hours.

  • short fill e liquid uk

    Short fill e liquids


    short fill e liquid


    When vaping juice was first manufactured the bottle size of your favourite e liquid was not an issue and vape juice came in many different sizes from 10ml up to 5 litres!!! Back in May of last year we had to conform to the TPD (Tobacco products directive). This set out a whole new set of rules and regulations that banned the production of e liquid in large bottles and now any e liquid that contains nicotine can only be produced and sold in 10ml bottles.

    This was not a popular move for anyone involved in the vaping industry and for some time my e mail was full of people asking why they could no longer purchase their regular 30ml bottles.

    The manufacturers of e liquids had to come up with a solution and so after many days of reading the whole of the TPD they found a loophole they could work around. They found that the TPD did not state a minimum bottle size for zero mg e juice as the 10ml bottle sizing rule only applies to vaping liquid that contains nicotine and so short fill vaping juice was born.

    Short fill e liquids are made of 0mg e liquid in various flavours which can then be additionally filled with a flavourless 10ml nicotine shot. This Nic shot is normally of a higher strength, 18mg or 15mg and becomes a lower mg when added to the 0mg shortfill bottle. Short fills usually come in 50ml, 60ml, 100ml or 120ml bottle sizes and are ‘short filled’ which gives enough room in the top of the bottle to add your required strength of nicotine. Once the nic shot has been added and you have shaken your short fill bottle then you have a bottle of vape juice that is 60ml, 70ml, 110ml or 130ml and contains your required strength of e juice.

    60ml bottles will contain 50ml of e juice and will leave a 10ml space for your chosen nic shot to be added.

    120ml short fill bottles will contain 100ml of e juice and will leave a 20ml space for up to 2 nic shots to be added.

    New short fill stock available soon at Vaping Liquid!

    Short fills have become very popular as many vapers much prefer to use a larger sized bottle of vape juice and so Vaping Liquid will be stocking a variety of flavours in 2 PG/VG variations over the next few weeks. We will be getting our short fill stock from Q Cig, as our current Q Cig range is to be discontinued.

    The flavours we will stock to begin with will include Apple Pie, Blueberry Burst, Cherry Cola, Danish, Fruitilicious, Jack Blacks, Strawgasm and Vanilla Custard. They will come in 2 PG/VG variations of 60/40 and 80/20. If they choose popular we will stock further flavours and would be interested to hear what other flavours you would like to see.

  • New Vape flavours from Totally wicked e-liquid

     totally wicked

    As Many of our Cambridge customers will know last year we took the bold step to change our Cambridge shop to a Totally Wicked branch of our vaping liquid family.

    We are immensely pleased with how the whole shop refit went and the feedback from the customers has been very positive but one thing has stood out for us and that is the constant asks from customers about when there might be new e liquids available.

    Totally Wicked have listened to what all our customers and customers from their other franchises have been asking for and now they have 3 great new e juice ranges for sale.

    These liquids are made in the UK at their new purpose-built production centre in Blackburn.

    This new factory was built off site, to minimise disruption to the surrounding neighbourhood and took around 4 months to construct and consists of a ground floor state of the art e liquid production centre with brand new high tech equipment, a test room and incorporated mixing room, and a bottling plant with cold room to keep each and every bottle made in the best possible condition.

    It has been finished in the trade mark Totally Wicked colours of Red and Black and as well as including the new manufacturing plant which is the very first to be built in the UK and can produce 10 million bottles of e liquid every year and also houses their new office space.

    What does this mean for all our Cambridge customers when they come to visit us at our Totally Wicked shop?

    We can now offer you the standard Red Label Totally Wicked e juice, which is a 50/50 pg/vg blend available in a huge range of 48 different flavours and in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 10mg, 14mg and 18mg strengths. A lovely smooth vape which is great for everyday vaping and works well in any device.

    Red Label Totally Wicked Iced Range which is also a 50/50 pg/vg blend available in 6 flavours and 6 strengths. This e liquid gives you a fresh iced vaping experience.

    Finally, in the Red Label family we offer the Retro Range which is again a 50/50 pg/vg blend and comes in 8 fruity flavours and again in 6 strengths. These e juices will not disappoint as they give a perfectly balanced all day vape. You will be reminded of 70 sweets with all the flavours available in this range.

    If that is not enough choice we also stock the Totally Wicked Diavlo range of e juice. This juice is a 75/25 vg/pg mix and is available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 10mg. Great for cloud chasing and provides a fabulously velvety thick vapour cloud.

    Then we come to one of the new kids on the block, Mr Chadwicks E liquid.

    Mr Chadwick’s E Liquid. This retro e juice has been made using the very best ingredients to provide its vapers with a 50/50 VG/PG ratio e liquid that has the perfect balance between throat hit and vapour. It is designed to be able to be used with both standard and sub ohm device.

    Mr Chadwick’s juices come in 6 great retro flavours and all flavours come in 0.6, 1.0, 1.6 % mg, that are bound to take you back to your childhood.

    Mr Chadwicks E Liquid is available in our Cambridge shop and on our website.


    Cheeky Monkey E Juice. This cheeky little number is a little naughty. Providing its vapers with a 25/75 PG/VG ratio and great for vapers who love to cloud chase. It gives a very smooth vape with a wonderful thickness in the mouth feeling. This liquid will work best in a sub ohm vaping device due to the thicker nature of the e liquid.

    Cheeky Monkey E liquid comes in 6 cheeky flavours and all flavours come in 0.0, 0.3, and 0.6% mg. Once vaped they are bound to make you feel a little naughty!

    Cheeky Monkey e juice is available in our Cambridge shop.


    Finally, the last of our new flavours to be stocked in Cambridge is Route 66.

    Routte 66 E juice. This e liquid is manufactured in the UK but has been made with the states in mind. Coming in a 40/60 pg/vg ratio this liquid works for standard vapers and is good if you want to try cloud chasing for the first time.

    Totally Wicked provide this e juice in 3 nicotine strengths 0mg, 3mg and 6mg. Vape some amazing American Dinner desert flavours.

    We look forward to helping you choose some great new vape flavours when you pop in and say hello!

  • Tobacco products directive narrows choice for smokers

    Vaping News 5th June 2017


    After all the changes that recently took place and have been required by the TPD it is great to see that Vaping is here to stay and although we campaigned from the offset to get the TPD stopped due to its strict Vaping rules, it could in fact be saving our NHS Millions of pounds because traditional cigarettes were also highly affected by the TPD ruling.

    Traditional smokers found that after midnight on the 19th May 2017 there was many restrictions on their smokes that were also covered by the TPD’s new rules and regulations.

    Smokers found that they couldn’t pop into their local shop to purchase their usual 10 packs of cheaper brands of cigarettes and the smaller 30mg pouches of rolling tobacco as they had been banned and removed from sale. Flavoured cigarettes including spiced, herb, vanilla and fruit varieties had also been removed from sale and the traditional smokers who are still currently smoking menthol flavoured cigarettes will have to start thinking about how else they will get their nicotine hit as menthol is also in line for the chop and is to be phased out under the TPD rulings.

    The TPD also required the packaging on cigarettes to be made much plainer and carry many health warnings and have increased the price of a packet of 20 cigarettes. Perhaps this will give the current smokers the push they need to try vaping or quit smoking?

    Many of the top health officials from Cancer Research UK, Public Health England, and UK Health Forum all agree that many thousands of pounds can be saved by the NHS now that traditional smoking is on the decline.

    Half a million people gave up smoking in the UK in 2015 and the UK Health Forum research suggests that “If smoking rates dropped to five per cent in the UK by 2035, the NHS could save £67million” every year.

    UK Health Forum chief executive, Professor Paul Lincoln said: “This study highlights the huge burden that smoking places on our society, particularly on the poorest and least advantaged groups. Unless we reduce the demand on the NHS from preventable causes of disease like smoking, it will be difficult to continue to provide sustainable healthcare for everyone who needs it. We hope that by showing the clear benefits of this tobacco free ambition, we can inform tobacco control policy in the UK and even worldwide.”

    Cancer Research UK’s director of cancer prevention, Alison Cox said: “Bold and ambitious targets are needed to save the thousands of lives and millions of pounds of NHS money lost to tobacco. We want the next Government to share our ambition for the next generation of children to grow up ‘tobacco-free’.”

    The health benefits to our countries people will also be huge as it is estimated that 100,000 new cases of smoking-related disease including 35,900 cancers over 20 years could be avoided completely.


    Website Update!

    We have survived the TPD and all the admin and changes that it required and we hope that you will take a look through our website to see some of the new products we now have in stock!

    Vape Monster e juices have been added recently to our website and come in some great flavours including Purple Banshee and Warlock. Click here:  They are designed to be used while sub ohming and great if you fancy cloud chasing!

    We have new TPD compliant sub ohm cloud chasing vape tanks made by UD. These are totally leak resistant and have a great coil life. Click here:

    They work superbly with our Arc 4 range of vape box mods.

    Our Hangsen boxes of 10x10ml bottles are going great guns and we are really pleased that our customers are happy to have the same e juice available to them post TPD.

    Please do watch this space as we will continue to add different products over time and thank all our current customers for their support of

    Happy Vaping Guys!