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  • Totally wicked e liquid expands production

    Vape News 11th September 2016

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    Over the last few weeks there has been many negative stories in the news around vaping and the use of electronic cigarettes.

    This news has not deterred Blackburn vape kings Totally Wicked who have just built a brand new production centre to cope with demand.
    Their new e liquid production facility is the very first to be built in the UK and will be able to produce 10 million bottles of e liquid every year.

    These bottles we be distributed within the UK to their many Totally Wicked vape stores and also further afield to the UK and worldwide markets.

    They decided to expand even with the uncertainty of the TPD EU regulations on vape industry coming into effect in May of next year as they just couldn’t work in the offices and current space they had as demand is continuing to rise.

    Totally Wicked went to court earlier in the year to protest at article 20 of the Tobacco Products Directive.

    They were the only electronic cigarette company to win the right to challenge the directive which wanted to bring all things electronic cigarette related underneath the umbrella of ‘tobacco related products’. This would mean they would have to be regulated as such even though they do not contain tobacco.

    Sadly, Totally Wicked did not win and Electronic cigarettes and vape juices will become officially regulated next year.

    Their new centre was constructed off site and then moved into place once built which has meant that the local community has had the least disruption possible while building work was taking place. It has been built in the companies distinctive red and grey colours by company PortaKabin.

    Their operations director Stuart Mercer said “We needed this building to help us meet the growing demand for our products both in the UK and for export markets.”

    "It is a cutting edge facility for e-liquid production.”
    "We chose an off-site solution because the brownfield site we wanted to develop is very constrained and it was critical to have as little interruption to our operations and to neighbouring properties as possible.”

    "The benefits of off-site construction far exceeded those of site-based construction.”

    "Following completion we are now ideally placed to take the business to the next level, increasing production in a very clean, modern environment.”

    "The finished building fits in really well with our corporate image and we would definitely recommend the approach and Portakabin to other businesses looking to expand their facilities.”

    The total build only took 4 months and will allow for an increase in production of their e liquid and Totally Wicked brand.

    They now have a ground floor production area which includes state of the art e liquid production equipment, a fluid mixing area with a test room, a bottling plant and cold room for perfect storage conditions.

    The Totally wicked offices will now be located on the first floor allowing 30 members of staff to work on their continued expansion of the Totally Wicked family.

  • Vaping vs smoking are ecigs safe new propylene glycol study


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    Vaping News 30th August 2016

    The use of Electronic cigarettes may be reducing lung infections in ex-smokers

    People who have been smokers but turned to vaping have a 66% reduction in lung related infections a new study claims.

    Queen Mary university of London hospital have just carried out an on line study of 941 people who have made the switch to Vaping from smoking tobacco products and have been using an electronic cigarette for at least 2 months.

    Their new study published by the Journal of Addiction Research and Therapy suggests that 66% or two thirds of the people in the study have reported suffering from fewer respiratory illnesses, 29% reported no change and 5% thought that their respiratory problems had got worse while using an electronic cigarette device.

    The researchers who carried out this study are not surprised by the results. It is well known that smoking increases many forms of respiratory illnesses including lung cancer due to the many thousands of chemicals inhaled when a smoker takes a puff. Compare this to Vaping where these chemicals do not exist and where only 4 main products are used to make up E liquid.

    Vaping compared to smoking does not fill the lungs with tar which is one of the main health benefits of vaping an e cig over smoking a cigarette. If the lungs don’t get congested with tar build up, which is what smoker’s inhale then they are bound to work more efficiently.

    In fact, they have suggested that one of the components in e liquid, propylene glycol may actually provide some antimicrobial protection when being vaped but they will need to carry out further tests to confirm this fact.

    Propylene glycol is an ingredient found in Hospital air conditioning systems and a clinical trial carried out by Dr Murray Laugeson of Health New Zealand suggest that far from causing long term health problems it may actually be helping to keep vapers healthy as it could help to kill various air borne viruses that we breath in on a daily basis.

    Researchers also found that one part of propylene glycol added into 2,000,000 parts air would within a few seconds kill air borne viruses such as streptococci, pneumococci and other bacteria.

     They are pushing to carry out further tests on Propylene glycol to confirm or deny these facts which if proven to be true could be used very successfully as a virus prevention tool.

    Studies on vapers who have been using electronic cigarettes for over a year have reported no major adverse respiratory effects but as vaping is a relatively new invention then studies of vapers over the long term will have to wait until they have been around long enough for further tests to be carried out. We may have to wait for up to 30 years before the real long term benefits or side effects of continued vaping is truly understood.

  • Vaping rules get tough in the USA

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    USA comes under more Vaping restrictions!

    Monday the 8th August saw yet more vaping restrictions coming into force in the USA.

    The US Food and Drug administrator’s wicked new laws mean that nearly all current electronic cigarette products, from e liquid to vape pens, that have been on the market to date will have to go through a rigorous application process to determine whether they can continue to be sold in vape shops and on line.

    2009 was when the US Food and Drug administrators started to push for tighter legislation of all things relating to e cigs and finally they got their wish.

    The news laws will make it harder for young vapers, which is not a bad thing, to take up the habit as it will reduce the availability of nicotine to minors.

    The age limit for being allowed to sell to customers has been raised from 18 to 21. This is an easy thing to keep in check in a shop environment where you can ask each customer who looks under age for their ID but will prove more difficult with on line vaping sales.

    The FDA new law means that all online stores have to perform what is called a’ bluecheck’ on each customer. One of the USA’s largest online vaping companies explained what a ‘bluecheck’ entailed for themselves and their customers who will now have to take a selfie with their ID and also include the last four digits of their social security number. This then has to be checked by their company to make sure they are not underage before they can purchase products.

    Customers are concerned about on line security and safety and just don’t want the hassle of having to do this.
    Vaping has been growing in popularity over the years but vaping within the young has also been rising fast. The centres for disease control and prevention give a rise from 1.5% in 2011 to 16% in 2015 in the use of electronic cigarettes within students in high school in America.

    Anti-tobacco health organisations continue to raise concerns that vaping and vaping products are being used by the younger generations as a gateway to smoking, whereas vaping groups say that these same youngsters would have taken up smoking regardless with the far greater threat to their health compared to vaping.

    The FDA has given manufacturers 2 years to be able to keep selling their current products while new production applications are submitted. They have them given them an additional year in which to sell while the FDA reviews all information received.
    The new law now means that retailers in the USA will not be allowed to sell products in a vending machine, unless in an adult only venue or to give away free samples for people to try. They will also not be allowed to offer customers the ‘try before you buy’ sell, which lets customers try the flavour they are interested in first before they purchase a whole bottle.

    Retailers in the USA are also not allowed to promote vaping and sing its praises. Comments like ‘vaping is less harmful than smoking’, even though it has scientifically been found to be true, should not be used when selling to customers or using success stories to promote vaping and help an undecided smoker to give them a try, will also not be allowed.

    Many vaping groups worry that these new laws will see vaping decline dramatically and they have already launched a legal battle to stop the FDA, they worry that if they do not succeed in changing the FDA’s new law, the vapour industry will shrink to almost nothing by August, 2018.

    Let’s hope that the powers that be finally see sense and stop their continued onslaught on the Vaping industry and see it for what it is! A safer way to get your nicotine hit without subjecting your body to the 1000 plus chemicals that are contained in regular cigarettes.

  • Vaping at work





    Vaping rooms needed in the work place
    August 2016
    3 weeks ago we bought you news about Vaping in public and how many health officials had come together to state that putting a ban on the use of e cigs in public places could be ‘damaging’ and reduce your chances of quitting smoking for good.

    Public health England then went on to publish vaping in the workplace information designed to give businesses a 5 point guide to policy making to make it easier to give Vapers the ‘smoke free’ space they need to vape and to encourage them to stay smoke free in the work place.

    They also acknowledged that the use of electronic cigarettes is becoming the most popular way to quit smoking and would like to see a tobacco free generation by 2025!

    Following on from this news there is now a push by health professionals to make designated ‘vaping rooms’ available to use while vapers are at work. These rooms would stop the need for vapers to be made to use the same areas designated for smokers.

    Public health England suggests that bosses should make a room free for vapers to use so they can vape in a smoke free environment and also be allowed to take smaller more frequent breaks.

    This is due to the nicotine amount inhaled while using an electronic cigarette device being of a smaller quantity than that inhaled from a regular cigarette, this means that vapers would need to have smaller more frequent breaks to keep their nicotine levels ‘topped up’.

    A smoker, smoking a cigarette can reach the desired nicotine levels he needs to stop cravings for about an hour.

    A vaper using an electronic cigarette regularly over a period of time can maintain the nicotine level required to stop themselves from getting ‘cravings’ but they have to be used frequently for this to be sustained as vaping provides a generally lower blood nicotine level and takes longer to reach the desired level thus requiring more frequent use.

    Public health England have suggested the use of an indoor room being preferable to vaping outside because making people smoke outside, they feel has increased smoking’s public visibility to young people and children and although they acknowledge the fact that vaping is 95% better for you than smoking they still don’t want to be seem as promoting any form of nicotine dependency.

    In their workplace framework advice guide they acknowledge there is a distinct difference between vaping and smoking and the use of ‘smoking’ terminology when referring to vaping needs to stop as it can confuse many people.

    What we need now is to allow Vapers to use e cigs in the work place, away from a smoking environment that could harm them due to passive smoking and to guard against the potential uptake of vaping by children and the young.

    Vaping rooms would also support smokers while they quit and encourage them to stay smoke free and also comply with smoke free law and policy.