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    UK Vapers are always looking for the best ecig juice or starter kit money can buy .Here at Vaping Liquid we not only want to give you our customers the best value for money by keeping our vaping supplies at low prices .We also want to offer our loyal uk customers extra discounts and special offers and even the odd free giveaway and competition!

    How do I get a discount code?

    As a special thanks for writing reviews on our site if you write a review of our vaping products you have purchased from us and we use it we will send you a 10% discount code off your next order.

    How do I write a review?

    Simply go to the product you bought click on review and tell us what you thought .Do use your real email address (it will not be shown on the site) Once published a discount code will be emailed to that address to use on your next order.

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    If your still vaping with an old ego vape pen using a ce5 or h2 atomizer it really is time you thought about upgrading to the new evod starter kit.

    Electronic cigarette technology is evolving all the time and ecig innovation never stops .There is no comparison between the old ego style vape pen and the new evod version .At a special introductory price of only £19.99  we are giving away a free bottle of e liquid to go with your new starter kit. If you are about to buy a bottle of vaping juice anyway why not treat yourself to a new kit at this amazing price!

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    Now we have received the next generation Evod atomisers we have decided to give away ALL of our old CE5 atomisers. Whilst these have now been replaced by the much more advanced and reliable Evod atomisers we’re sure our customers will be happy to receive one for free to use as a spare!

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  • Is Nicotine Harmful ?

    Everybody knows that smoking is one of the most dangerous things that a person can do. Smoking related diseases include lung cancer and increased risk of heart disease, strokes and many other forms or respiratory ailments, cancers and peripheral vascular diseases. What is less well known is that the active stimulant in cigarettes and other tobacco products, nicotine, is not the cause of any of these ailments. Indeed, it is actually the many other chemicals to be found in cigarettes that are the true culprits to some of the ailments.

  • Is Vaping safe?

    In recent years, the western world faced a considerable crackdown on the social acceptability of smoking cigarettes in public places such as the office, bars and clubs.

    The drive to convince people to quit and to reduce tolerance for it in general stemmed from one thing alone, the health consequences of smoking were severe and for those countries with nationalised health services, expensive - too expensive.

  • Vaping Side effects

    Giving up cigarettes can be difficult for the best of us given the addictive qualities of the combination of nicotine and the behaviours associated with smoking, but now with Vaping Liquid products, it’s easier than ever to begin quitting for good. A recent study from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) found that the e-cigarettes using liquid vapours are in fact less harmful than conventional cigarettes, and concludes that health professionals should recommend them for smokers wanting to take the first steps to quitting.